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  1. Since the start of the Gillis era the team identity has stayed similar. With the exception of the one year Torts was here. Skilled Puck possession style, good penalty killing. Hard to play against but not overly physical. I don't see much difference with how Bennings has constructed his group other than being more emphasis on strong character.
  2. The Oilers have the assets to make a deal. They need D badly. Blues need more offense. Yakapov has asked for a trade. Yakapov plus picks or prospects.
  3. Anton Stralman will be back in this series. Stamkos possibly. Headman is the best D man on the planet right now. Tampa can match the Pens speed. Kucheroff has the quickest deadliest release in the league. Tampa in 6.
  4. I've been a fan for about 30 years. This is probably the least interested in hockey I've been since the 90s messier era. Its seems like this season was the perfect storm of issues that are keeping people away. 1. No Canadian teams in the playoffs, and no Stanley cup since 93. Also every series that has gone 7 games the Canadian team lost, and there was some sort of controversial officiating or call involved. 2. Rogers sucks. Not that HNIC was amazing, but it had formula that worked. 3. Very inconstant officiating, and borderline conspiracy stuff. Too many gimmicky things in the game now like 3 on 3 overtime and the shootout. I personally don't see anything wrong with a tie. Suspensions being handed out are a joke. 4. This parity thing is an illusion. Were always being told how balanced the league is, yet its the same big market teams that always win in the playoffs. An LA or Chicago cup win this year would be horrific. 5.The new divisions and wild card system isn't good. The old one was better. 1 vs 8 etc. 6. Here is Van I think the Canucks were decimated by injuries, had a terrible home record and blew too many leads. So that influenced my interest for sure. What I would suggest for the NHL? Not sure. I would love to see bigger ice.
  5. Semin might be worth picking up for the PP and 3 on 3 OT.
  6. So many people in the off season saying that LA improved. My opinion is that LA is actually worse and in trouble. Losing Stoll, Richards, Mitchell, Voyanov and most of all Justin Williams. These players were all very important on their cup winning teams. I know its early in the season... That being said I thought the Canucks would be faster and tougher, but this is better than expected.
  7. Williams is awesome, one the best clutch players of the last decade. Great signing for Washington. Glad we don't have to play him in our division anymore.
  8. Oh great. At least he didn't sign with the Kings.
  9. No Stanton and Weber. Interesting.
  10. Adding Lucic helps the Kings for sure. However the way I see it they had to make a move. There is a real possibility they lose Williams and Stoll to free agency. Also they haven't really replaced Richards, and need a least one more solid d man because of the Voyanov situation. Even with the edition of Lucic the Kings will still have a hard time making the playoffs.
  11. I followed the team in 94 and that was a great run, but they didn't have a good regular season. The west coast express era was good but the Bertuzzi incident screwed everything up and cost the Canucks the first round against the Flames. For me the 2011 team was the greatest. Rogers arena was a tough building to play in and the Canucks had an air of invincibility about them. Also beating our biggest rivals Chicago in epic fashion.
  12. How is Bergland in the faceoff circle? Canucks in need of a good faceoff man especially if Richardson isn't resigned.
  13. I don't think any Russian player really wants to go back to KHL the way the Russian economy is right now. If Benning can get this guy from Buffalo then its %100 worth the risk. He exactly the type of player needed to compete in the west. Big and Skilled. Coming to Vancouver would be fresh start.
  14. name="CanuckofSteel" post="12760190" timestamp="1430129893"] Kevin Bieksa needs to go, I've been saying this for awhile. I was pretty much alone in thinking that re-signing Bieksa was a mistake after the 2011 season, I was hoping to keep Ehrhoff over him. Bieksa is a contract year player, he plays average to below average unless it is a contract year. Which means this upcoming season should be his best since 2011, but then everyone will be fooled into thinking he's good again and want him re-signed. Trade him on draft day, he's just a pylon on the ice. Keep Edler, Tanev, and Hamhuis. Hamhuis isn't that bad, obviously his play has dipped since over the past few years. He has more value in having a leadership role in the backend and is much more stable than KB3. Sbisa I'm extremely disappointed with but this was his first year here and we just extended him. Put him on the bottom pairing and recognize the type of partner he needs, from what I saw he's more of a frantic d-man and needs a stable/calm partner. Get Sbisa a level headed partner who can also get the puck out of our end. I see next years d-pairings as: Edler-Tanev Hamhuis-?/Green*/Franson* Sbisa-Corrado/? Weber-Clendenning *= UFA defenceman who play an offensive game better than Weber. I'd try to target Mike Green (Capitals) or Cody Franson (Predators). Hopefully someone from within the organization surprises and we can promote someone from the minors, could be a guy like Biega, Pedan, Corrado, or Clendenning. Still would try to sign one of Green or Franson from FA for that offensive punch from the backend.