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  1. Islanders still churning over, open for offers on John Tavares and Zach Senyshyn.
  2. Christophe Garreau putting in work
  3. Islanders could make some big changes this offseason. Bonafide #1 C - Matt Barzal and reigning Vezina trophy winner Jean-Marc Comrie among those available. Would take a great offer for either.
  4. Matjas Drozg
  5. Islanders not looking to shop Josh Ho Sang and Michael Dal Colle
  6. Bailly out for the final will make things more interesting, but really Man Utd should be winning the final convincingly against Ajax
  7. #1 Prospect in the game Bryan Lindgren (8.5D - Ryan Miller) is available for a #1 D prospect. Get him before he pulls another Jean-Marc Comrie
  8. Isles looking for help on D, some decent prospects available.
  9. Congrats to Jean-Marc Comrie on winning the Vezina, one of the youngest goalies to ever do so!
  10. Thank you @Time Lord for quoting my shopping list for the last 4 months
  11. Islanders still looking to move Josh Ho-Sang and Michael Dal Colle. Can retain on both, both are Top 6 forwards just entering their primes. Looking for younger prospect wingers in return.
  12. 8.0B, ain't bad
  13. Noah Wisocki @Time Lord
  14. Ilpo Vainio @Dion Phaneuf