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  1. Islanders open to dealing top G prospect Bryan Lindgren (rated #10 prospect at the start of season, 8.5D - Ryan Miller) for an equivalent d-man.
  2. #VoteForBart Bart Thurston (7.5A) - RW/LW Player Comparable: Travis Konecny Career NHL statistics Regular season Season Team GP G A P +/- PIM PPG SHp Ht GWG S S% SB TOI FO% 23-24 WPG 49 4 8 12 -10 14 0 0 53 1 63 6 10 11.25 0 Total - 49 4 8 12 -10 14 0 0 53 1 63 6 10 11.00 0.00
  3. Islanders open to moving Josh Ho-Sang / Michael Dal Colle
  4. Islander ELC Slides: Jouni Korhonen Keenan Seabrook @Patrick Kane
  5. Nice to see City solidify our top 4 spot today, can't say I've been confident in that the past few weeks
  6. Dang somebody needs to fire Austin Gaudet's agent
  7. Sean Day / Ryan Pulock available for a more offensive-minded young d-man.
  8. New York Islanders 2023-24 Roster Christophe Garreau - John Tavares - Josh Ho-Sang Andre Karlstrom - Matt Barzal - Eemeli Ruotsalainen Michael Dal Colle - Matus Skokan - Zach Senyshyn Nando Eggenberger - Kai Kaskinen - Ari Levanen Marc-Eduoard Vlasic - Luke Green Brent Burns - Ryan Pulock Sean Day - Jeff Petry Jean-Marc Comrie Bryan Lindgren Islanders had a good season last year and are continuing to develop. Offensively, we're hoping to improve this year. We feel like we have 3 first lines and expect that sort of production. At least 2/3 players in each of our top 3 forward lines have had a 73+ point season at some point in their young careers. Not expecting this production from everyone, but we need to build from last year. Jean-Marc Comrie will hope to avoid the sophomore slump and prove his elite play last year wasn't a fluke. Defensively, we're hoping for some more scoring production as Luke Green and Brent Burns had off years based on their standards.
  9. Guillaume Masson @JE14
  10. Islanders are open to moving Michael Dal Colle, Josh Ho-Sang and Zach Senyshyn. All have been staples to our core the past few years and are just reaching their primes. Looking for D help / young forwards.
  11. Hopefully this John Marsh guy is OK
  12. John Marsh
  13. Entering the playoffs hot, 9 game win streak. Not often the last 2 cup champs play in the first round. Also, 2nd overall pick to 2nd in the east, not bad.
  14. Looks like it's gonna take 100 points just to make the playoffs in the East