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  1. TuneIn is an awesome alternative, me thinks
  2. Holy Sven Butenschön is the UBC coach. Did not know that.
  3. I'd wear this with pride everywhere!...except Colorado.
  4. One thing I've never understood is the taboo behind offer sheeting. They do it all the time in the NBA and it's a normal part of the process (plus doesn't ruin relationships or stick GMs on blacklists).
  5. Not going to lie, Borna Rendulic has surprised me the most (also surprised I haven't seen his name more). I had expectations to some degree for most of the people at camp, even Ruutu and Skille, but this guy, "never heard of her" as they say. This guy has some pretty great stick handling abilities and a high compete level. He's also young.
  6. Looks fine to me. Have you seen by-fug-lien? As long as he maintains speed, stamina, agility, and can use his mass appropriately to knock people on their rear ends, I'm happy :D Plus...I'm in no place to talk, I'm in way worse shape then that
  7. One can say we didn't have Finnish last year...guess what we have now
  8. Good way to not have to put all those Weber Jersey's on clearance?
  9. The Canucks win this trade. Bergevin Logic: Hey your player had like 50ish points last year...so did mine. Me thinks a 1:1 swap of Subban and Shea Weber works, eh Poille's Response: I'm taking that sh!t and running!!...no takesy-backsies Pred's win, Bergevin is now < Benning. Good news is now the NHL world doesn't think Benning is the worst and I think that's a win for the Canucks.
  10. Oh yeah, that too, man o man was he slow.
  11. He had a wicked slapper and the talent. Injuries and an overly involved parent did him under.
  12. TSN looks like they lost their "Ray" of sunshine... It's pretty Raydiculous Puns can get Raylly old sometimes Sorry to Rayl on y'all\ Ray. Seriously though, I thought Brett Connolly was supposed to be a really good young player. What happened?