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  1. Boeser with 17+ mins?! What's this Willy? I can't believe me eyes. Edit: I edit posts like Donald Trump edits tweets. Don't mind me.
  2. Legitimate question here so please accept my ignorance: What did Rodin do to get into the dog house? I didn't get to watch his first game, but I watched the one where he got an assist and he seemed to fair better than Chaput and Megna at the very least.
  3. Willie putting Chaput in instead of Rodin. He'll Megan on the first and on the power play baffles me. Smh.
  4. No question that Hitler is a MAJOR douche, but one thing the German's won't argue is how well he managed the economy. Again, MAJOR douche.
  5. All valid points, but we have the opportunity to use hindsight (which is always 20/20). When you're in the decision room trying to build a team that's competitive yet still dealing with all the political pressures that come with dealing with ownership and management. - Prust met the "meat and potatoes" mindset and build, but didn't pan out. - JB had previous rapport built with Bartkowski and may have thought he'd flourish here, didn't pan out. - Eriksson is worth it based on historical performance (really the only indicator to success). It's still early in the season and too early to write him off. - Virtanen, again, meets a need where we have a void in our prospect pool, a big scoring winger. Will he pan out? Not sure, but at that point was certainly at the top of many peoples lists to take at 6. I'm not defending JB, but I am saying that people are unwarranted many times in attacking professionals without truly trying to be in their shoes. There are always 2 sides to a coin and it's easy to focus on the side that doesn't go in one's favor. Just think of a time at work when a decision has to be made. Is it always right? Nope. And in hindsight it's easy to say what could've been done better. If JB continues to make the same mistake consistently, then it's an issue, but I have yet to see that trend occur. These are separate decisions made in silo's that people lump together. The job is hard and again, it's easy not to sympathize or empathize with the individual, especially when they're in a position of power and seemingly in charge of making decisions, but one's gotta try. My $0.02
  6. Instead of trying to put a label on lines, how about just letting them play, gel, create some chemistry, and earn playing time. So I agree with you to a degree, but we need to get out of the EA Sports mindset of setting lines in a designated order. I do beg to differ with regards to the Sedin's. They still are our most talented players, albeit they're slowing down significantly. Benching our best players doesn't get anyone anywhere. But eh, what do I know, as I always say, I'll never make a definitive point on how to run a sports team. These people are in their positions for a reason, they've earned it through years of hard work. Let's not belittle them by thinking we can do their jobs better.
  7. Good on Virtanen. He could've used some tact, but he's young and just saying it as it is. Can't expect someone to succeed when ya stick them in the doghouse and put them on a short-leash. Also, what's with all the dog metaphors that explain the relationship between the coach and the athlete. In the NFL, a coach has to EARN the respect of his players. That doesn't seem to be the case here.
  8. Meh couldn't tell ya to be honest, I'd be an NHL exec if I did. At face value we have a great set of young prospects. Horvat, Boeser, Juolevi, Demko would be the top tier with a bunch of great second tier prospects. The thing is, you won't stockpile those assets until you go full on rebuild and acquire through trade or the draft. Neither, really of which we've done. Drafting is eh okay, so long as we keep the prospect and our ability to trade is lacking and, as of now, somewhat inept. Until we fully commit to it, we'll be a middle of the pack team at best, in perpetuity, until a WCE type group comes together, helps foster growth of youngsters, acquired through some difficult trades, that sets the organization up pretty for a decade to come. Pretty sure im just rambling at this point, bleh.
  9. Just blow the team up, keep the core, and rebuild this thing the right way (from scratch). Sure that means some crappy seasons, but at least it'll have an objective. Who knows what the hell we're doing now. I sure as heck don't. Get outta the way ownership. Ugh.
  10. Heck ya. Mark Helfrich stinks. I miss Mariota.
  11. So much is so wrong with this pic that it's so RIGHT . I dunno where to begin.
  12. "Hey guys, we've one 4 in a row win our line up. Let's mix it up for the 5th game, what's the worst that can happen?" Classic. if it's working, don't mess with it. Who cares if it doesn't make any sense, don't freaking mess with it. Ugh.
  13. TuneIn is an awesome alternative, me thinks
  14. Holy Sven Butenschön is the UBC coach. Did not know that.