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  1. [Discussion] Would you make this trade?

    Sorry folks. I know we have a ton of bias here because we want to see these 3 studs grow into being lifelong Canucks. That said in my bias, I'm against a trade like this. That said, us taking off our rose colored glasses, if you are offered the best player in Hockey, who is 21, a TRUE generational talent, and a game changer for 3 top prospects, you do it. You then build the best supporting cast you can around them. I believe that GMJB, if he had the option, would pull the trigger on this trade.
  2. Trevor Linden stepping down as President - Confirmed

    Tesla Stadium and Elon Musk dollars are pretty attractive at this point.
  3. Re-Signing RFAs and UFAs

    Good thing I’m not a GM, LOL
  4. Do we give Bo the "C"? POLL

    Lol came here to say that. We we don’t do Jack Schitt. Management can give it to the best player for the job. If it’s Bo, awesome, Edler, awesome, Sutter, awesome, heck even Boeser, sure why not. They know more than we all do. ...Unless someone here is in the locker room on a regular basis
  5. goals,goals...from who?

    Elias Pettersson with 41 goals? I mean I’m sure he’ll do great but this guy is on some good reefer if he thinks that’s a legitimate outcome. Lol
  6. Is there a difference in leadership?

    Look at Toronto last ear and Shanahan. He played by committee until a leader emerged. Everyone thought it was going to be Matthews but it was Leo Komarov. Not or saying we’re the Leafs, but it’s not always obvious who actually is the leader. Only the players and the coach know. People may have biases for Horvat, but in truth someone else might be the most vocal in the room, who knows in the end what coaching staff observes.
  7. [Signing] Golden Knights re-sign Colin Miller

    A year too long. 3 years is good, 4 is too long. GMGM dropping the ball here. Am I CDC'ing right? Colin Miller is pretty solid. Good deal for Vegas.
  8. [Signing] Blues re-sign Dmitrij Jaskin

    You Jaskin if that's all he was Jaskin for?
  9. [Report] Alexandre Burrows announces retirement

    I'm not crying...you're crying STAHP. k fine. I crying.
  10. Coach Green on Sportnet radio

  11. [Signing] Coyotes sign Michael Grabner

    Every player technically has to play defense, else they wouldn’t make it in the NHL. It’s not hearsay, I’ve actually followed his career since I thought he was a pretty exciting player from a goal scoring perspective. But to say his defense is great or on par with Beagle is another thing. That was my point. Grabner doesn’t deserve the same money as we gave Beagle because Beagle has a more superior rounded game and is a center. I was refuting the claim that we pooped the bed on the contracts.
  12. Wasn’t this a thread about Jay Beagle? Da heck we talking about Mensa and IQs.
  13. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Sven Baertschi

    Seems about right. Benning hoping Baertschi can pick it up in year 2 or 3 and be seen as a good contract. Decent for a 25 year old offensive player. Oft injured though. Seemed like he was just starting to do well. Hopefully he finds some chemistry next year with whomever he plays with.
  14. [Signing] Coyotes sign Michael Grabner

    You realize that we’re not. Grabner is one dimensional and a winger. Take Beagle for example. He actually plays hard minutes against other teams, is defensively sound, and plays center. But yeah, he should get paid the same as a dude that’s streaky AF, not as good defensively, and not a center, but goals, am I rite?