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  1. http://www.tsn.ca/blues-parayko-reach-five-year-27-5m-deal-1.809410 Really a great deal for what should be a franchise D for the blues. Looks like he wasn't really looking for a HUGE payday from all the negotiation leaks.
  2. Is Dahlen staying in NA this year?
  3. Not sure y'all understand what a NTC is, but Johansson dictates where he goes, to a degree. Not sure Benning even had a chance. Heck, half the deals we try for we learn about years after, so who knows, maybe Benning did try. We may never know. Good GMs tend to hold negotiations to their chest to try and not disenfranchise their players.
  4. This must be a record or something with regards to puns. Hit all the buttons. Not sure it's even remotely possible that this can get worse. Someone would have to really turn up the contrast.
  5. "WOW, what a steal! He was supposed to go top 10 and we got him 22nd overall!!! Future stud." -Everyone on CDC that year
  6. The salt is strong in this thread. Notice how Vilardi fell to #11, while we arm chair GMs were biting at the chomps to pick him at #5! This just shows how little we know compared to these GMs that have spent hours with these prospects and the scouts that have spent days analyzing their play and scrutinizing everything. From what I hear, Elias Pettersson has elite potential if he can fill out his frame. Possibly one of the most dynamic players in the draft. Instead of being happy with the amazing player we receive, we already set this kid up in our minds for failure.
  7. I guess anyone can be ED eligible at some point in their life. It's a confidence thing. Vegas and the environment might help, but sometimes a dude is just low on testosterone and ED happens. Happy Tuesday
  8. Ah! Thx Mate for the clarification.
  9. http://www.tsn.ca/coyotes-f-keller-to-debut-vs-blues-1.707310 unrelated player, but in the article on Clayton Keller, it states, at the bottom, that "Keller can spend the remaining seven games of the Coyotes season with the team without burning a year off of his ELC." Under the context that he was going to debut. TSN be confusing me.
  10. This has probably been discussed ad nauseam- playing less than 9 games for NCAA xfers doesn't effect a year of their ELC, right? Would be the case for Boeser too.
  11. Yay! A loss and Boeser scoresssss! I only wish we tanked in a better draft year
  12. Boeser with 17+ mins?! What's this Willy? I can't believe me eyes. Edit: I edit posts like Donald Trump edits tweets. Don't mind me.
  13. Legitimate question here so please accept my ignorance: What did Rodin do to get into the dog house? I didn't get to watch his first game, but I watched the one where he got an assist and he seemed to fair better than Chaput and Megna at the very least.
  14. Willie putting Chaput in instead of Rodin. He'll Megan on the first and on the power play baffles me. Smh.