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  1. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Edmonton Oilers

    Nic Dowd was a beast. He’s not expected to score nor pipe up assists. He’s expected to be awesome defensively and win face offs. This guy is good.
  2. Sportsnet article on canucks prospects

    This is about as optimistic as I've ever been about our stockpile of prospects! Hopefully we get Gaudette locked up so he doesn't bounce like all these NCAA kids nowadays.
  3. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Washington Capitals

  4. A lot of undersized players have had big lseasons on certain teams and failed to move on to other teams to recreate their success. Marchessault is not looking like those cases. He’s legit. Getting a ~566% raise is pretty nice,
  5. [PGT] Anaheim Ducks vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I guess I'm just mad that an expansion team is doing so well compared to us
  6. [PGT] Anaheim Ducks vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Yaknow what’s funny, Vegas doesn’t have better personnel from a skills perspective than we do. They’re an example of what playing inspired hockey looks like. Gallant is getting 110% out of each player...here Green seems like he can barely coach his way to 50%. Ugh. Infuriating to watch.
  7. Adam Gaudette | C

    Nope. He’s in the NCAA so signing means he’s have to come play in the Bigs or the AHL. Hopefully we sign him this offseason
  8. [PGT] Calgary Flames vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Lmfao. I died.
  9. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Calgary Flames

    This is a house of cards with which upon we reside.
  10. Sedins ice time inching back up

    Y’all are looking into this way to much. The Sedin’s are old, and as such to make sure they stay healthy and play a consistent game, you have to manage their ice times and then let them go all out when it matters. Remember last year when they started hot and fizzled away? Willie still rode them like they were in their prime. Even Popovich knew that with Duncan, Parker, and Ginobli he had to sit them out or limit their games. Green is a smart man in my books.
  11. At what point for Brocket Boeser

    It’s Brockstar not effing Brocket. Jesus.
  12. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

    One day we suck worse than an AHL team and then we play like a playoff team. Why do you do such to me :/
  13. Best word to describe Brock Boeser?

    Streaky? jk...I hope