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  1. Harvey, you suck.
  2. lol, typical Whitecaps
  3. Would prefer Tippett or Boucher
  4. Has looked much better in recent games, usually finishes his check as well as contributing some offense.
  5. Omg Mattocks
  6. Holy crap that was a nice shot
  7. yea, guy captained for West Ham and played for Aston Villa as well. I heard rumours of him having an attitude problem though, so it'll be interesting to see how Rennie handles him.
  8. Strong choke by D. Bush league.
  9. You kidding me ref?
  10. Strong officiating again
  11. Knew it. GG, goddamn Demerit and his injury proneness
  12. Lame, could feel it coming.
  13. Omg, so close
  14. This game is crazy
  15. Strong reffing