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  1. Cue the excuses. Its a Wednesday, its exam week, it was raining, too expensive, skytrain was down, etc, etc......
  2. Good: Hughes, Leivo, Pearson Decent: Meyers, Horvat, Boeser *because of the breakaways* Invisible: everyone else. #whereisEP
  3. Not sure why we play our two least offensive defence man with our top line
  4. Bet a parlay on the Flames and Nucks. Need a win here to get $70
  5. Add Ferland to the list of always injured Canucks. Tanev, Sutter, Juolevi,
  6. Why are the in between interviews so cringeworthy. Who hires these guys. Randip has one job, ask 3 semi literate question two times a night. How hard is that.
  7. Random thought but I never understood why they went from whites at home to darks at home. All we see every game is blue verses white. I would think the home fans would like the variety of seeing the blues, reds, yellows, oranges of the opposition every game.
  8. Your goalie is worse than ours. Big win on an early Saturday night game. Watch out nightclub ladies.