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  1. Don't know anything about this case but isn't 10 years in jail without a trail also unfair to the accused?
  2. I have never been a fan of Botch. Always thought he was very TMZ and thrived on dysfunction and poor Canuck performances. His passing is a stark reminder that hockey means $&!# compared to the rest of life. My thoughts are with his family. Very hard news even for those of us who were not fans. Rest in peace Jason.
  3. If you look at his thread you will see a lot of Konecny, Merkley, Roy, Juulsen, and Kylington. Also a bunch saying thank god no Carlo. also some really dumb posts in hindsight. Where did old desiboi go?
  4. This obsession on what number past players were picked is idiotic. Good players are picked in all spots. 

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    2. drummer4now


      Statistically speaking the number order matters because it can be perceived as an early indicator of potential/success.

      Also because of improvements in scouting you don't find many of those Datsuk or Zetterberg type players anymore buried in late rounds.

    3. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      I think you misread that. Gaunce is average as a 26th overall pick. There are 26th overalls who have played many more games with much more successful careers.

    4. drummer4now


      ^ yes my bad. :wacko:

  5. If you think the draft was fixed you are probably one of the people praying to your imaginary god today for a good pick.
  6. I would still take a 4th overall for Duchesne.
  7. Ok time for Benning and scouts to go to work
  8. For the record, this expected result does not have me questioning our late season wins or tanking. Players play the game and I want players who want to win every game.
  9. Not happy. Just expected it. We have had zero luck since we began. And don’t make me do my bad luck list again
  10. So did Taylor Hall reveal the results beforehand