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  1. Oilers have really surprised me. Lol Kesler
  2. And Steve Moores broken neck......
  3. I predict this will be the least replied to thread in history......... cause frankly there isn't much in the way of breaks....
  4. Hey look, Weber is still playing in the playoffs. Maybe he's not a junk D man eh?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Stelar


      But yet still good enough to play on a team in the second round of the playoffs. You're right, he must be terrible. 

    3. Stelar


      That said, I'm not a big Weber fan, just think maybe players aren't as bad as some fans think.  

    4. Jam126


      So I guess if Aaron Rome was on the Canucks in 2011 he was a great D-man? Flawed logic there.

  5. Why don't we send Katz's Ronald MacDonald looking kid?
  6. For all the hoopla about TO rebuild, they still 6 players over 30. We had 5. Now if only we had Matthews....
  7. Because it won't. Until they trade Edler, Sedins, and Taney it's not a real rebuild right???
  8. Pretty sure this deserves its own thread right. It's all everyone on here wanted to hear for the last 3 years right?
  9. What a sad fan base we have.......
  10. Agreed. Although I did like the griffiths era as well. Local ownership is the way to go. If I owned and spent that kind of money on a team I would want input. For some reason the fans want to have a say and input but not ownership. Lol.
  11. Listen, the Sedins are big boys. If they wanted to move on they could easily walk into TL or JB office and ask to move on. They have earned the right to stick around if they want. Are you equating Hansen and Burrows to the Sedins?
  12. The bottom line is I am putting my faith at this point in Trevor Linden. He has lived and died for this team. He may not be the most experienced but he has the best interest of the team at heart. I think he is on the right path.
  13. What amazing is ther have only been 5 rebuilds in the last 15 years..... Or maybe this is cherry picking facts.