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  1. Just like last year was too early to make a judgement on this trade, it's still too early to tell. I like what Granlund has shown so far this year but lets look again in 2-3 years.
  2. Biosteel is a scam too.
  3. This is awesome
  4. Love how everyone is claiming their love of Sbisa.....
  5. Corsi stats tell us players play better when surrounded by blandness.....
  6. I'm all for anything that makes him less invisible out there.
  7. He's not engaged at all. Waste of a roster spot after one game. Hopefully Rodin is back soon to take his spot
  8. Do we need a coach to throw out these lines?
  9. Good thing Virtanen made the team.
  10. Agreed on the chemistry thing. They looked lost.
  11. The guy grew up in Vancouver and is now a Flame homer? Only on CDC
  12. Lol, bring on game 1. It's been too long
  13. Don't want him, just think the level of obsession on these boards about him is hilarious.
  14. You're right, a guy who hits hard, scores the odd goal, has never been suspended and fights? What a clown.
  15. What exactly was Ferlands "dirty play"? Body checking the Canucks in a playoff series.