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  1. I might be the only one on here who doesn't know what a legal and illegal hit is anymore. Kadri on Sedin was fine cause it was shoulder contact first. This one is blindside and head contact first and that's ok. Who cares anymore. If the league doesn't care about its players, why should I.
  2. You're right, it comes when we win and it goes when we are losing.
  3. I am shocked Price is in second. Donny BMac Scotty Moj Price Sekeres Bro Jake Pratt
  4. Not really predictions if you get to go back and alter them are they? TSN, five channels with the same thing on every one of them. Unless of course they have blacked out games..... I love Sundays when they are showing the same NFL game on every channel.
  5. After the last couple of games and seeing the young guys take over a bit, it was really discouraging to see Bo and Sven play so little compared to 22 and 33. Just when you think the guard is changing.......
  6. Great to hear those 5000 cheering the boys on
  7. Worst fans in Canada.
  8. Pathetic. Flames have made the playoffs once in the last 7 years and no empty seats like this. Brutal fan base i use them as comparison cause it's where I live. Also look at Edmonton.
  9. Is there a snow storm in Vancouver or is the rink looking more and more like FLA?
  10. Technically we all PPV.
  11. Don't get your hopes up. I predict a first shift fight between Gudbranson and Martin. Nothing after that
  12. I think we can deduce that from his comments.
  13. I was going to put Virtanen in the Sandlak territory.
  14. God damn it Edler. What a terrible play by him. Can we not trade him?