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  1. Because it would then ruin your view that all Albertans are cowboys.......
  2. Butt hurt and circle jerk. Didn’t think I would see those in the same post. Congratulations.
  3. Let’s all remember that chemistry is super important for team sports. While I think we are tons better than last year, the chemistry needs to happen or it’s all for not.
  4. You’re right. It’s not the talent. Smith should solve their G issues lol.
  5. Nope. You named three that are “ok”. You need 5-6 to be good in those positions to be a playoff team.
  6. It’s not confusing when you look at their goaltending and defence.
  7. Listen, there is an “army” of donkeys who are trying their best to fill the Negative void that Botch left. They will bash anything that JB does. For a guy who follows the NHL daily to suggest Ferland could be had for 2 years at 1.75 is lunacy. JP was hanging by a thread before Botch saved him. He is a dinosaur.
  8. Just heard today that LE bonus is paid July 15th, not July 1st so maybe they have something in the pipe for July 16th
  9. why do I always feel so nervous in the time between when I hear Benning has made a signing/trade and when the details are announced.
  10. Loui is not going to retire. Canucks have the following options 1. Try and trade him. Unlikely. 2. Send him to Utica and bury him there for 3 years like Wade Redden He better not be taking a spot of a younger guy on the main club next season.
  11. Wait, maaaybe Ferlund updated it.... just sayin
  12. Jeff Paterson is a real idiot. Frankly would be close to out of the business if it wasn't for him hitching on to Botch for the last few years.