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  1. Show me the analytics on character
  2. Every team has some high character players. Winnipeg had some and I am sure Buffalo had some. Not saying he wouldn't fit here but you can't claim the Canucks hold the market on character players
  3. I guess we know who Tanbir is now
  4. How about Carolina, Columbus, Buffalo and Arizona. Group them in with Edmonton on how sucking doesn't help you rebuild.
  5. I like what is happening. Drafting well and adding fill in pieces to make us competitive. Simple formula that eastern and some western media don't seem to understand. Guess they don't want to look very deep.
  6. Lol, "we need to go younger, get rid of the old guard". " Man I miss the old guard, why didn't we get rid of a young guy instead"
  7. I assume you will now change your location?
  8. Miller was a stop gap. He will not be extended.
  9. Forwards want the puck. They want to D to move it to them. They are not pissed that the D transferred responsibility to them. That's just dumb.
  10. Thought this was funny
  11. This guy is a serious donkey. Listen to his thoughts on women and that will tell you all you need to know about him.
  12. If things stay as they are Tanev/Edler Gudbranson/Hutton Tram/Sbisa Larsen Minors (in order of call up) Bulldog Stetcher Pedan Subban
  13. Hilarious how with all the oppression blacks have felt over the years, when they say enough is enough, whites call them terrorists
  14. There is no real point. You enjoy your limited time on the earth and then you are done. eat good food occasionally, eat health most of the time, get some excercise, love your family and friends, watch hockey, bash people anonymously on chat boards, and have a drink or two. its pretty simple.
  15. also called Wheeler one of the best Jets of all time and will apparently retire a Jet....