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  1. 30 seconds into the third it was obvious the Canucks were going to stand still and watch. NICE JOB BOY! You should be embarrassed.
  2. Kane = Cancer in the dressing room.
  3. My impression is he's acting like a poser and hasn't figured out how lucky he is to be in the NHL, maybe a little maturing is all he needs.
  4. Injury prone Tanev out again, well I like Stetcher -Trymkin over Tanev and Edler any day. Those two are the most over rated Canucks on the team.
  5. Forget watching the Canucks get embarrassed in TO . I'm going to the Lions game.
  6. pass pass pass pass pass pass pass shot pass pass pass pass pass shot miss the net.
  7. All game I've been wondering why Stecher was sent down and Hutton & Tanev play.Stecher is better than either one of those. When will Willie be gone!
  8. The whole team need to learn how to play defense, chasing all night in their own end won't work.
  9. Boy did they need that one! That's enough stumbling ,bumbling and giveaways play hockey!
  10. Didn't take Miller long to get hurt.What's up with that!
  11. So how was the trade deal made today ?
  12. Could you explain why Benning was fined for talking about Suban and today he gets traded ?
  13. So why was Benning fined ?
  14. I hate this news ,McLean is a Canuck hater so I was glad to see the guy gone .Bad move !