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  1. Edler has his moments but the guy I want to see gone is Luca Sbisa , the guy is horrible and isn't good enough to be in the NHL.
  2. I've been saying it all season , when your goalie faces 40 shots every game you have to change something, how about less time and space for the opposition in your own end.
  3. I'm really starting to think the Sedins will announce their retirement at the end of the season.
  4. Edler and the Sedins defending is painful to watch. This team can't deal with a strong fore check and every team knows it.
  5. It all reiterates the no call up message to Jake Vertanen , quit being a poser and play hockey.
  6. I really can't think of a weaker hockey player past or present than Loui Eriksson !
  7. Lets sit back and protect a one goal lead and lets take some lazy penalties while we're at it. Great strategy .
  8. Now it's Sbisa that fumbles around giving the puck away looking like half speed.
  9. Forecheck ,backcheck,paycheck that's what we need in the third boys!
  10. Every Canuck defensemen are guilty of bad give-aways.Man does it cost them.
  11. Please keep the give aways to a minimum!
  12. 3-2 Canucks in ot. unless Ben Hutton continues to give the puck away.
  13. Bring back Behind The Lens!
  14. Lets hope the team doesn't stop skating trying to protect this lead as they usually do.