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  1. Let's not forget that if it doesn't involve Toronto, TSN will be over critical.
  2. He might choose 17 because it is the day he was born. However, I think he will ask Sutter or Sutetr will just straight up tell him it's all his. Sutter then wouldn't do #12 from WHL or #16 from Pittsburgh because both are retired.
  3. You don't want that headache in the LR with the amount of young guys on the Nucks roster/in the future. The product isn't worth the tylenol bill.
  4. That's too bad but you're always welcome!
  5. Bartkowski already did that.
  6. @c00kies joined once I think?
  7. We are hitting up our 50th season very soon! Perfect time to join and I promise you that you will not regret it.
  8. The member above me guessed Fedor which is right but I can't scroll without noticing how no shoulder patches were on that jersey. Far cry from today or tomorrow (ads).
  9. Because he clearly stated it was Twitter rumblings and it sparks discussion. Not sure why people get all bent out of shape because of that.
  10. I love how the OP states to take it with a grain of salt.
  11. Dorsett with a good momentum changer in a 6-2 game with 1:30 left....yes just what they needed.
  12. I think your view of the advanced stats are skewed. Possession stats are by themselves, not any of that other garbage. But just Giveaways and Takeaways. Semin is a poor example seeing as Habs never used him in a scoring role. So thats not really his area of expertise. You've seen Dorsett do that, but the number of times he pulls them out of momentum is double whatever that is. He honest has no value to this team.
  13. Fair enough. But just for the record he is only playing and not in the press box because of they team he played for in juniors. If you haven't seen Dorsett's possession stats, I recommend looking at them. His playing style is far from being 2015 relevant. Also, Miller may not like being pulled mid-period. Unless you guys know about a conversation Miller and Willie said it's really hard to question that.
  14. I don't know man his puck possession stats and abilities are horrible. He time and time again goes into scrums when he doesn't need to, usually resulting in him getting a penalty. He tries to fight people at times where the other teams isn't dumb enough to do it. Not to mention he picks guys that aren't going to go with him anyways. Dorsett is a borderline ECHL/AHL talent.