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  1. Going into the Season 54 playoffs. Joining now would mean your time before the draft is maximized!
  2. Anyone used to play Katamari Damaci or however it was spelled?
  3. Will this get to 100 pages of WD?
  4. Hire Mattias Ohlund...jk obviously.
  5. Yeah I use Paypal as well because I don't trust systems, especially Sony.
  6. How long does it take to complete the game?
  7. Not quite management but you do manage your own player on a forum that runs in a sim league. It's been going on for 10 years now (54 seasons) and it's actually very fun to kill time, talk hockey and just be friendly with other hockey fans.
  8. If you watch Chiasson in his days with Ottawa and Dallas you'll notice he is a passive aggressive coward. Always does little things behind the play that are shady.
  9. I mean he could be America...
  10. Just as Loui drew it up!
  11. For me the controller doesn't die that quickly, but I have an alternate cord hooked into the wall to charge it instead of having the PS4 on.
  12. VHL is quickly approaching the 52nd season. Best time to create-a-player and declare for the draft is now! I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
  13. Mikey Boy! It's been so long come back to the VHL my brother
  14. Let's not forget that if it doesn't involve Toronto, TSN will be over critical.
  15. He might choose 17 because it is the day he was born. However, I think he will ask Sutter or Sutetr will just straight up tell him it's all his. Sutter then wouldn't do #12 from WHL or #16 from Pittsburgh because both are retired.