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  1. scenes you'ld love to see?

    I NEED to know what happens in the next few seconds after the final shot in Inception.
  2. East Van Woman Attacked by Crazy Racoon

    Night of 2011 SCF gm 6, I was waiting to catch the last bus home when I saw this raccoon emerge from the bushes about 50ft down the street. Now this guy was a plump fella, so he wasn't moving too quick. At the same time, I see one of those big 5 ton trucks coming down the road. The raccoon, fearless or unaware, trods on and then thump thump - it predictably ends up directly under the front wheel of the truck, and then the rear wheel of the truck. Now, it had been a crazy night to this point and needless to say, I was a few beers deep. I was maybe taking this loss of life a little too hard, but I sat there looking at the lifeless heap of fur in the middle of the road for about 20 mins. I was imagining what its life had been like before it got snuffed out in the blink of an eye, like if it had kids to provide for, etc. It didnt move an inch the entire time, didnt even see its belly move as if it were still breathing. Next thing I know, I see two homeless guys with a shopping cart hootin' and hollerin' about the raccoon. They step into the road, no cars around this time, and make their way toward the raccoon as if they were going to pick it up. As soon as they get within 5ft of the thing, the raccoon rises from the dead and SPRINTS in the opposite direction! Not even a limp! Anyway, this was probably a long walk for a short drink of water, but maybe that zombie raccoon has got the taste for human flesh.
  3. Jordan Subban scouting Ryan Ellis

    How has this guy not thought of modelling his game after players of similar stature before?...
  4. Nolan/ Nico vs Bo Horvat (Discussion)

    Gotta go with Nico on this one, would love to see hIm sporting Rory Fitzpatrick's ol' number 18
  5. World Cup of Hockey

    Do people even care about this tournament? Sounds like a snooze-fest money grab to me. How can they have a best in the world international tournament that isn't strictly nation vs nation? Do the players even care?
  6. [Speculation] Canucks are favourite to sign Eriksson!

    If it's 6x6 don't protect him for expansion draft.
  7. My biggest concern regarding Hartnell is his NMC and how that would affect who we could protect during the expansion draft.
  8. This episode was one of those rare times a fictional story made me feel like somebody punched me in the stomach.
  9. What an astounding waste of time by everybody involved.
  10. ECF: (2) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. (2) Tampa Bay Lightning | Penguins win 4-3

    Anybody catch Glenn Healey's segue back from commercial break last night? It was so laughably bad....it was something like "George R.R. Martin wrote Game of Thrones, one of the strangest books you could ever read...and it's been one of the strangest games..." *proceeds to show all the dirty hits* To only be able to pull strangeness out of that comparison is hilarious. It was like somebody told him to say Game of Thrones and relate it to the playoffs but then his brain didn't know how to synthesize those two things and he just shut down. Please tell me somebody else caught this and found this as entertaining as I did! If anybody has video I will love you forever.
  11. Kelowna Rockets (WHL)

    Kirkland has the biggest set of stones. This team is the team of destiny and I hate them for it.
  12. Victoria Royals Thread

    Tough break tonight. Kelowna got the luckiest of goals to get on the board and give them some life early in the 3rd. Off a stick off a dman off the post, and as the dman goes to clear the puck it skips and he knocks it in. Then the Royals ice it with 30 secs left, 3 steps from the red line. Try to eat the clock along the boards, epic battles, crowd counting down the seconds. With a second left the puck is jarred loose and thrown to Kirkland on the far point who has ice in his veins and the biggest stones ever as he decides to step around the shot blocker rather than one timing it. As the crowd yells zero Kirkland picks top corner with 0.2 seconds left. Both teams come out charged in overtime, Kelowna is throwing every puck on net while the Royals are putting nice plays together but can't hit the net. Eventually Kelowna squeaks a greasey one five hole on a confusing flurry following a defensive zone turnover. Tough luck, but that's the way it goes sometimes. Props to Kirkland for carrying his team in this series. Tyson Baillie is a punk though.
  13. Man Films A Tornado right Up Until The Point It Hits Him *video*

    The stones on this man...Kris Jenkins himself would be in awe.
  14. [PGT] Blues 3 - Canucks Zilch - March 19th, 2016

    Didn't get to see the game tonight...who do you think Danny was talking about? Was the effort really that bad?