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  1. [PGT] "Down with the Sickness"

    987 posts Joined: 08-March 07 Posted Yesterday, 10:19 PM Some stupid fukktard threw their jersey on the ice. I know things don't look good, but cmon, support your team till the end. Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbour?!?!?!?! NO! Edited by trevor corey, Yesterday, 10:20 PM. Last time I checked it was the Japanese that attacked Pearl Harbor...not the Germans. It was a Hawk fan that threw it on the ice according to what I have seen. No matter....the Canucks, like the Americans in Pearl harbor have to go back to the drawing board. They are getting their asses kicked these days and changes are needed here. I don't want them to end up like Calgary but it sure seems they are heading that way.
  2. [PGT] Nuckleheads 4-Penguins 5 (SO)

    <p> Still not a fan of Edler but agree that Hammy in Sochi is a huge question. Him ahead of a two time cup winner in Seabrook...just don't see it! Garrison? 6th Dman at best. Way overpaid.
  3. [PGT] Nuckleheads 4-Penguins 5 (SO)

    I will cheer for the Canucks come hell or high water but this was a tough one to watch...sadly even with the two goal lead that late I had a sick feeling. Why...this IS the Canucks isn't it. This team is a good team but the reality is that they are just PRETENDERS...plain and simple! If this CHOKE doesn't wake up Mr. Gillis I don't know what will. You have to look at the coaches role here as well....too many late collapses...keeping their heads in the game is a part of coaching. Getting tired of all the, " well we can look at the positives in this game" garbage. This is a results driven business and the final result is what matters. A trade is needed, as difficult as it is to make one in this league. Time to take a chance. If it means giving up someone that turns out to be a good player somehwhere else, so be it. They aren't adding up here anyway. This team is too fragile right now and some players need a change of scenery, just as there may be players elsewhere who can benefit from a change as well. We still have a core of greatness here but Gillis is failing BIG TIME!
  4. Name That Canuck!

    Yes that is "Loooooooop" Great guy. Have to agree.....that was the worst bucket ever.
  5. Name That Canuck!

    One of my favorite all time Canucks in this Pic