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  1. I haven't cared for a FPS since MW2, hopefully this lives up to the hype! How do you guys find it so far?
  2. Can't wait to play this game! I know where to get a good deal on this game, PM me for info.
  3. Can someone pm me aswell?
  4. Got a ticket today for failure to present proof of payment at the new west skytrain today and the cop told me I could have the fine reduced since its my first offence. Does anyone know where I can do this? I read the back of the ticket all it talks about it a dispute of it, but I'm not wanting to dispute it.
  5. Anyone know if it's going to be snowing all night?
  6. How much does the fight cost in HD?
  7. The weathernetwork sucks donkey. You're better off using
  8. Started snowing a lot about 30 minutes ago in Surrey.