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  1. "Shot-block injuries don't heal" ? Wha?
  2. Trevor don't let em see you blink.
  3. Markstrom ... what a catch.
  4. Beauty
  5. All right!! Tampa next!!!
  6. This ain't fun any more. See ya'll at the draft.
  7. The Hall of Game? Yeah, what I thought ....sheez.
  8. This is an Entertainment Sport, and Gillis has done what he can to keep Vancouver on the front burner of the sports entertainment stove. He is doing exactly what he needs to do to attract the fans of entertainment (not always Canucks fans). He has earned his pay, in the same way that WWF managers earn their pay. Unfortunately the team is not now as charismatic as it used to be. This is nothing that time can't fix. Gillis will still be here in 10 years, as long as he promotes entertainment value for the Vancouver fans. That is why we buy the tickets, folks.
  9. Folks, let's face it. Luongo was never happy to be away from Florida, so he has been a rental player for as long has he's been in Vancouver. He's home now, and he helped us win a bunch of games, including well into the playoffs. We won't see his like again soon, so let's be satisfied with the memories. For now, Eddie Lack may be the NEW FACE of the Canucks franchise. Enough people have been calling for this. Let it happen.
  10. Watch out Eddie, you are next.
  11. Well, if we HADN'T signed the Sedins, they'd have gone on to do great things with some other team. Then this board would be filled with the usual wetcoast fan spittin' and cussin'. You all know how it goes. Just sayin'.
  12. MG may be gone by 2017.
  13. Mother dear. That was not good.
  14. This team needs Lu more than he needs them.
  15. This team needs Lu more than he needs them.