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  1. Calgary fans win.
  2. No Duck chance. Too bad.
  3. "Ref gets in the way." Understatement of the game.
  4. Well, first 3 goals were pretty good.
  5. Jim is calling it "Elimination Night".
  6. Beat Ramo, not that tough. Love to see the refs call Ferland at some point in the entire game, though it likely won't happen.
  7. Lol CBC predicting a 3rd period comeback.
  8. Cherry: If Calgary doesn't win this game they are not winning in Vancouver. He said it.
  9. Probly some tough cbc questions for whatever Canuck they interview in the intermission.
  10. This is a whole new series right now. Let's go Canucks !
  11. CBC (without Strumpo) is still better than anything involving Pierre McGuire.
  12. Time for the flying V.
  13. Well we made the playoffs. We made the playoffs.