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  1. Miller will get the wins if he can stay healthy all season. I'm optimistic ! If it ends up the same as last year and we need to rely on our backup tendy for a stretch of games I'm not so sure we will get the same performance as lack gave us but let's cross that bridge if we have to! Way to early to say much but I do love the Canucks understated team this year. It's like their proven talent was tossed in the garbage by all the analyst. Don't count this team out this year. !
  2. Burrows Once a struggling rookie all heart no finish Now A Wiley Hardened Veteran with finish and .......still all heart. !!!!
  3. Power Fist's PhotoPower Fist 3 minutes ago Crazyp01, on 06 Apr 2015 - 11:34 AM, said: My parents moved to Vancouver in the late 90's. I was born profoundly deaf and now have two cochlear implants. In 2006, a kid in my class threw a snowball in my head causing the implants inside my head to be infected. I had to have a surgery in BC Children's Hospital. My parents didn't really know much about hockey, and didn't know about the Canucks until... now... When I stayed at BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver, we got a visit from the Vancouver Canucks. You may know that the Canucks visit the Children's Hospital near Christmas every year. Trevor Linden, Matthias Ohlund, and Willie Mitchell came into the room with a big fat whale, Fin. I was really sick and tired after several surgeries on my head, taking off bandages, I didn't really care much about what was going on. They signed some stuff for me. My mother told me once that Trevor Linden had the "confused" look on his face, wondering why I wasn't excited or such. I didn't get to take ANY pictures. The Vancouver Canucks came to visit me and I seriously didn't know it was the amazing hockey franchise based in my hometown??? In the next few years in 2008, 2010, my cochlear implants have had problems and throughout my life, I've had 8-10 surgeries. It was painful, and horrible. I now know who the Vancouver Canucks are and whenever I'm feeling down because I'm deaf and gone through so much, I think about how the Vancouver Canucks devote their time, energies to making kids' lives brighten up in Children's Hospital. I wish that I can somehow meet the EPIC president of the Canucks again, Trevor Linden. He came to meet me and was confused why I wasn't happy. Mr. Linden, if you come meet me again it will BE THE BEST DAY of my life. You were a meter away from me. Come closer and I'll hug you and take a picture with you!!! <3 And that's why I'm a Canuck. Can we please see the Canucks reach out to Linden and make this happen. It would make my day!!! Not to mention this Kids life!
  4. Wow! to me this deserves some further support by the CDC. I hope that Linden one days sees your post and maybe you get that time to say Thank you and tell him why you love the Canucks. I appreciate you sharing your fight and your experience. I would ask the rest of CDC we need to help make this happen!
  5. Im not so sure that this is not a blatant need to have communication but ...... ... No Way IN Hell!! Future Possible "C" of the team is going no where. period
  6. Mill St Brewery is actually a good beer This is a Solid trade. Think of goalies like you think of pitching in the MLB. Miller is actually in his prime just and he has a lot to prove. I'm happy we didnt spend on fruitless scoring. Scoring doesnt matter when your goalie sucks. AKA OIlers Next Up we need to Add to the back end offense. Teams win with Defense contribuition. I dont mean goals I mean great break out passing and foresight. I actually think Benning understands this concept. Move the puck out of the zone and give your forwards the puck when they are on the fly. This game is simple when you make it that way
  7. Too me. I think publicity stunt all around. Seems too scripted. Just a little strange on the timing and these two teams really haven't had bad blood for a few years. Something just seems off to me I don't buy it! The Canucks had more reason to line brawl the Kings and we saw a genuine effort to make a statement in a game to stick up for Brown running our goalie. Every team runs the sedins and the team has never really answered to it so I don't buy the elbow from magratton for the excuse. Am I the only one who feels this way.?
  8. Happy Birthyday