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  1. For the same reason you cant knock your NHL coach out. Pretty obvious answer.
  2. It's a strange idea that somehow speaking out about being mistreated is cowardice but using a position of power to abuse others is "manly"...? These guys are on the bench laying into guys who could absolutely beat the sh*t out of them but they know they wont be touched as coaches. That's cowardice grasping at an opportunity to be "man"
  3. 2:40ish mark. Crow has always been a bit of a nutshow behind the bench So, not surprised. Sounds like he's got a bit of a kicking problem though.
  4. Kid who did the ceremonial puck drop, wearing the Giroux jersey, so starstruck by Claude had zero interest in Bo. Adorbs Happy he got that moment.
  5. Yes section 108, row 7, seat 6 of the Bell Centre
  6. Today? Greene. They lose a few more... Start thinkin Bab-city
  7. Honestly the straw broke on his juicebox earlier and he's just a grumpy boy.
  8. When you google "lose-lose" there's a graphic novel that depicts this whole story.