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  1. Probably time to put down the red pill kool aid
  2. Agreed, it's bush league and disrespectful.
  3. Hell yeah, great player. Would be a fantastic addition.
  4. No room in Utica sorry, head to the Marlies! #Gagnertreatment #byefelicia
  5. Petterson - Horvat - Boeser Hughes - Karlsson First PP unit. Drools
  6. They've (Detroit) still got arguably the best European scout in the game in Håkan Andersson.
  7. Huge fan of his work, his take downs of Andrew Walker will live on in infamy. No one in Vancouver sportswriting writes like Botch did. Just the other day was looking forward to subscribing to the Athletic come September for the Provies-- er, Athleties. Will be sorely missed.
  8. His positional play is outstanding. You can see the work done by Ian Clarke paying off. I would say he is bordering on elite status, but needs to have another full season at this level. I have little doubt he will, with his compete level.
  9. Did Andrew Walker just suggest they trade Tanev for a 4th rounder on the draft floor?
  10. I'm a working DJ, I don't like to rag on other DJ's because it's tough to please everyone, especially 18K people of all ages etc at a hockey game, but my gawd how did that chick get the job??? She's horrendous.
  11. Rough list, but the outbound players on the left side should be categorized just like the inbound players on the right side.
  12. Hardly a crisis. Some mild concern, perhaps, but hardly even that.