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  1. I love to hate on Julien, and this is obviously a funny move, Habs sure love Julien and Therrien over the years But bottom line, Boston was dumb to fire Julien, he's a top coach in the league, and this is a good move for Montreal
  2. Meh anything that is discussed on this forum has pretty much Zero effect on reality.
  3. Not really the point of the thread but I just want to gush about the draft for a sec... lol I don't think this city has ever seen such good drafting by this club... ever... as what Benning has done. Of course it's an early assessment, and this will need to be reassessed each year and onward, but Benning has killed it at the draft table. His first 4 picks as Canucks GM are either playing in the NHL or look like locks to be - at the very least - NHL players. This is something we've rarely been able to enjoy as Canucks fans. Really hope they continue to draft this well, and am confident that under Benning they will.
  4. What a game what a game dont mind losing to US as much as say... Russia... and after a game like that and the way it ended by just a goal in shootout, not much to be too crushed about. Just proud of the way they played and impressed by both teams. Man that White does every little thing right on the ice eh? Same with Chabot..
  5. Absolutely love that Bo scored and that kid is getting a weinerdog what a hilariously awesome story. They should name the dog Bo (my old choc. lab was named Bo) and hopefully the Canucks do a segment where NHL Bo meets Weiner Bo
  6. Yep. They put mini games in to break submissions and pins now. And the announcer track is still the same since .. oh... 2008? Probably. Le sigh
  7. The two games I wanted so badly to be good, WWE 17 and NHL 17...are so disappointing....
  8. My hope is that Cena takes the title so that he ties Rick flair (just because I think that's going to happen anyways), and then drops it back to AJ at WM and retires. Doubt that's the way it goes though.
  9. More of a gaming thing but... anyone else been playing WWE 2K17?? And equally as frustrated by it as I am??? Best roster ever, probably, and the graphics are pretty solid.. but holy hell load times, terrible commentary, and wtf is with the mini games for kicking out of pins and breaking submissions??? Booooo one day there will be another no mercy... sigh..
  10. Ohhhhhh I member now
  11. When did Cooke score with 2 seconds left against the Wild? i remember a brilliantly exciting goal with 5 seconds left against the flames in game 7 but not against the Wild
  12. Team literally hired a GM that is basically only good at scouting. I'd call that a pretty big overhaul. Hes called some good names out last couple drafts. Hopefully stops trading them away
  13. Fun to speculate. Seems extremely unlikely, though. Return for the Sedins at this point is not going to knock socks off, is it? So is it really going to be worth trading them for a few extra rolls of the dice, vs having twins play their entire career with one franchise, our franchise? Not even Martin Brodeur finished with the Devils, nor Sundin with the Leafs. For a team without a lot of great history, that's a good one, I think.
  14. In the playoff series against Calgary 2 years ago I thought he was badly out - coached by Bob Hartley, but I concluded, he's a rookie coach, he will improve. His systems are good, but the adaptability and ability to maneuver on the fly seemed to be sub-par. Now, has the roster gotten that much worse since the playoff season? I guess... but I'm also not holding my breath that WD has actually improved that much as a coach either. Long story short, a new coach probably gives a short term bump, which hurts the rebuild in the long run... but he's gonna go at some point.
  15. 3.31 GAA .872 SV% 0 shutouts 10-13-0 career playoffs take off the glasses brü Killed it in the regular season though, remember the shutout record season? Awesome.