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  1. Top 3 for sure! Wow
  2. Yeah has him listed as director of amateur scouting Er - chief of scouting
  3. How does Ron Delorme still have a job??
  4. Cool with picking 1st, 2nd, or 3rd... Heiskanen sounds like a stud D man...really too bad this team desperately needs C prospects, LOL
  5. Real hard to follow.
  6. I suppose I'm biased bc I don't like him lol Just seems like he hit that pretty stiff. I'm not saying he did that on purpose...and you're right as well that Balor's timing was likely off.
  7. He didn't pull that elbow at all... He understands that those are supposed to be the most faked part right?? Too juiced up..
  8. Savage. F*kin Mahal, why is he even there?
  9. Right on. Yeah, American Alpha and Usos put on great matches, but something about both teams is just lacking for me....and beyond them, very little depth to speak of in tag division.
  10. Big time improvement to the SD tag division
  11. Didn't watch Smackdown yet but just read that New Day is headed to SD as well, was that announced during the show??
  12. Already liked SD way better than Raw, now its probably going to be all I watch :D
  13. Ah yes, Rasmus Dahlin right? 16 year old from WJ's this year
  14. Well, I'm not sure exactly... he was supposed to be our director of amateur scouting from 2000-2012 (great draft years for this franchise), and then took a back seat to Eric Crawford while Canucks killed it at the draft table for another couple years, and now he's back listed as director of amateur scouting. So, to sum it all up...I have no idea? Which is super ironic bc that's what Ron tells the GM every draft day, when asked who they should select in round one.