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  1. Well that was a tough last game. Disappointed to say the least, but we were the underdogs. Big time underdogs. And we scrapped and fought and ran out of gas in the end. Great run boys, see you next season.
  2. Gotta get one for Motter here. Canucks have played well in the last couple 3rd periods so I have hope but they need an early one. This is tough to watch LETS GO BOYS
  3. Am I excited? Yes. Am I nervous? Yes. Will I be having pepperoni pizza for the 3rd time in 4 days? Also yes. POWER OF THE PEPPERONI PIZZA LET'S GO CANUCKS
  4. I'm streaming it till the flyers game is over (same situation as you). PM me if you want the site.
  5. Dating back to 2011 playoff run canucks have a winning record when I eat pepperoni pizza. So that's what I'm eating RN. LETS GO BOYS.
  6. Good for them, athletes coming together -- not just black athletes. This is a civil rights issue that affects all of us. Black lives matter.
  7. awalk

    NHL 21 Thread

    I was playing NHL 15 for so long on my old PS3. Then during quarantine I got a PS4 and NHL 20... I had to double check I hadn't accidentally loaded '15... it's the same...
  8. Love this team. Great coaching staff too. Every time we've looked on our heels adjustments have been made and have worked. For me as a fan with this young team im at the point where I'm happy just to see them playing such meaningful games. Anything more is just cake.
  9. Vegas is a cocky, heavy team that backs up its talk. Canucks got rattled early. I think they'll have a nice bounce back game in game 2. Glad to be here for the experience right now... Vegas had a tough SCF loss and an even more difficult loss last year to SJ... we'll get there.
  10. Might be the mezcal talking but CDC is fun again after 10 years. Semi finals wooooo
  11. I thought he had his best game tonight too. Slowed everything down, looked dominant.
  12. le français le plus français
  13. He is definitely the Frenchest