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  1. The Official Transit Thread

    That is unacceptable.
  2. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.
  3. Vancouver Salaries: Lowest in Canada?

    I'm laughing because the OP thinks several reference letters from professors and his uncle is a ticket to 100k salaries. Funny, because it's not. In the world of marcomms, it's about hustling and building on experiences to get to a spot where you have the clout to call for 100k. You can imagine it, sure, but all there is to it is a dream unless you have a plan to back it up. Otherwise, it's moot. I'd like to know your experiences on getting into marcomms and moving up in the salary ranks, because it was hell for me (this with 2 years' co-op experiences under my belt after graduation)
  4. Vancouver Salaries: Lowest in Canada?

    If his uncle was Steve Jobs, sure.
  5. Vancouver Salaries: Lowest in Canada?

    And right now, your attitude is that of a entitled ass. If you claim to have a 2.8 GPA, what else are you doing to stand out to an employers' eyes and make them want to hire you? Do you have previous job experience in the marcomms sector? Have you managed a company/non-profit's digital presence? Have you wrote copy? That's what stands out, not drinking and partying with girls all night long. The sooner you realize that, the better. If you want to march into HR and demand 60k right off the bat, I'm sure HR will have no problem calling securing and marching you out of the building. ps: As a marketing professional with 3 years of experience (2 years removed from my UBC BA Psych education), I can tell you every Gen Y student is "prolific with computers, [and] up to date with social media platforms." The difference is if any of that can be translated over to the professional world, instead of going on Buzzfeed and watching cat videos on Youtube.
  6. Vancouver Salaries: Lowest in Canada?

    Either you bust your ass hustling for jobs and working with 110% effort, or you prostitute yourself for easy money High paying jobs, let alone right out of university, are rare. Good luck in the post-grad world. Your call
  7. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Portland for Raw. Smackdown honestly isn't that exciting.
  8. Congrats; you can copy and paste verbatim from a website without citing it. Now try living in realityland, where your delusional theories hold no merit.
  9. I'll sum it up with these thoughts: I know cops can be seen as assholes - we the public sadly see this more often than we should in terms of some officers overstepping their boundaries as policemen, or ignoring civil rights of suspects. That doesn't, and isn't going to stop me from acknowledging and thanking them during crises like Moncton - when they're putting their lives on the line to stop a situation from escalating into something worse.
  10. i fail to see how responding to any of these questions can make one change their views of Bourque. Even if we know what the situation was, so what? Bourque still opened fire, killing and injuring other people. At the bare minimum, he's committing evasion of arrest. Whether RCMP members initiated action to disarm him again has no relevance. AFAIK, concealed carrying of a handgun, let alone open carrying of a rifle, is prohibited by law. If open carry is indeed illegal (I need a law expert on this one), then the RCMP has every right to disarm Bourque in public.
  11. That's not relevant. What is relevant is the collective actions of the 300+ officers who stepped into harm's way to catch a guy who killed three of their colleagues.
  12. I find it reasonable, seeing as they're going into a scene where three of their colleagues were gunned down by some nuthead.
  13. Never shot a rifle before, but I imagine it must be fun. I suggest firing the Glock 18 if you're looking to try handguns - light, and little recoil with its 9mm bullets.