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  1. How about no limit on the number of days you take off? Startups do this with success in productivity, and it's a nice perk that both genders can enjoy. You get rated/evaluated in annual reviews in terms of the quality of work you did, and your ability to grow in the future, not on stupid inane markers like how often you take/don't take sick days and vacation, or how early/late you're in the office.
  2. He should take lessons from Logan Couture -
  3. Midterm years rarely are an indication of what happens in the upcoming Presidential elections. IIRC, more often than not, the President's opposing party wins on the off-year elections.
  4. And what exactly makes you think distracted, multitasking taxi drivers here are any better at getting you from pt A to B? I'll go with least I can rate the driver in real time instead of filing a complaint with my taxi driver and have the form disappear into oblivion.
  5. You mean like this post that you typed out 7 hours ago?
  6. Of their peers from accrediting, so there's less lawyers out there in the market, thereby driving down the supply and increasing demand
  7. So we're conveniently leaving out the Toronto 18?
  8. It's amazing how quickly you can jump to conclusions 5 minutes after the thread was created. It's as if you can relate anything negative in Canada to this government.
  9. How exactly do you know she's a virgin? I'm curious...did you stalk her on Facebook or something like that?
  10. The sad part is, Brodeur's .900 SVP (these last couple years) is still better than what the Oilers got.
  11. The problem lies not in that Amaruk rejected her based on cultural fit, but that they attacked her beliefs and her place of schooling in the process. I see this as one of the few times the Human Rights Tribunal plays a useful role in the legal system.
  12. Canadian or American, if you're travelling by plane, there's a section where they ask you about bringing into the country >=10,000 cash. By vehicle, you're obligated to declare it at a land crossing just as you are alcohol/tobacco.
  13. Did your friend declare to the border guard that he had over 10,000 cash with him at the time of crossing?
  14. Next - banish PJ Stock to report from Siberia.
  15. That is unacceptable.