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  1. Saad, Mantha and Lindholm are all non starters. None of those guys will be made available, your dreaming with those offers. Could see Stl putting together a Berglund, Rattie and a 1st. Can't see a much better offer than that coming in for Kesler. Rattie could break into the NHL as early as next year and fill a Gallagher role. And Berglund can slot right into the void at C that Kes leaves. That Ana package is such and insane offer. Would be one of the most lopsided trades in a very long time. Lindholm might be the most valuable player of all those names next to Saad and you add DSP and the 10th? THats crazy.
  2. Guance is back from his injury. Even without his time missed, he just hasnt been good enough to be seriously considered for a spot. Not in a deep year like this. As much as we all love what Frankie is doing he is a very long shot to make the team. Even with Murray out there is way too much pedigree and high draft players that will be taken ahead of him.