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  1. Vote green all they want but they should get zero of the federal "have not" funds that come from any province that produces energy that has a negative environmental impact...aka all forms of energy.
  2. How about just focus on the refinery, where is the new refinery in operation?
  3. What has trump done that's so horrible for the US economy? It's been booming, he got a million low income workers a $2/hr raise and and a bonus cutting corporate tax, stock market is up, China was caught spying on North America, North Korea actually went to the table about de-nuclearization, removed holding tax amount to put more money in peoples pockets rather than letting their company hold it and invest it. Sure he's a pompus muppet that should stay off twitter but he's done good for his country economically. Can't think of anyone else recently that did anything other that sit around collecting a pay cheque. Check out the aftermath of Baltimore and Portland
  4. NDP Created 28,000 - 70,000 Government Jobs in Edmonton is why Edmonton was voting for NDP. Kenny was saying he was going to cut Gov spending, essentially these people that were paid using loans will but out of a cushy job.
  5. Notley never once stopped fighting for pipelines - She fought against pipelines until elected, then toned it down, but again NDP is anti pipeline as made apparent in BC. Notely is a member of the NDP. Notley invested tons to help oil and energy - No she did not, she created anywhere from 28,000 - 70,000 government jobs depending on where the stats come from and killed the income of a lot of small towns dependent on coal. Notley decided to play nice to work with her counterparts instead of screeching like an idiot - NDP played nice with NDP what a revelation.... BC NDP blocked the pipeline becaus ethey have provincial and jurisdictional rights to - They threw a tantrum and killed the agreement that the liberals had approved, then cost the canadian tax payers 4.5B. What is this mystery new refinery, there hasn't been one that has come online or even started construction. Are you talking about the 440M project that is a bare patch of land with no one aware of any development on it. LNG projects have all but bailed on BC and hopefully the Coal exporting is shut down Again Notley lost because NDP was anti pipeline and 3 pipeline projects in BC all died with the NDP in BC and AB. No idea why you want to argue that point when it's been all over the news.
  6. I'm from BC.... and what is misinformed? I love the whole "You're wrong because I don't agree" counter point. Facts: NDP blocked pipelines via court. Dam construction and operation contributes large amounts of GHG NDP put anti pipeline people into critical positions What exactly is wrong, you sound like the standard camp cloud supporter that drives an SUV, while playing on their cell phone and using a plastic cooler for their food without any sort of care about making a living.
  7. Turning of the taps worked in the past, it's hard to show how reliant the country is on something when places like Quebec are getting 12B in handouts going "Our province is doing just fine without selling oil so you should be fine to get rid of it". It's the fact that BC ships coal that pollutes the ocean on every trip, welcomes massive cruise ships that are far more harmful to the environment, dump raw sewage into the ocean destroying it and allow people to live on the islands and take ferries that are extremely wasteful, and sinks to scumbag levels sending bills to energy companies while promoting people travel and visit places like whistler, which means flying jets etc for "fun" Yet BC points the finger at AB saying you're causing all the GHG and here's a bill for it. And then the whole check out our clear cuts, I mean ski hills! Using tonnes of Oil related products but whining about it.
  8. Thank god NDP is gone, not sure why anyone thought they would get to stay, they have directly blocked pipeline expansions in BC but are pro shipping coal and building massive hydro dam that even the UN has stepped in and said whoa you can't continue with this. Not to mention the massive amount of GHG/Land destruction involved in the creation and caused by a running dam. Then putting anti pipeline people in critical positions, killing of the coal towns without a plan to transition them, just killed their livelihood off and said good luck. The "underway upgrader project" Notley mentioned was also fake, it's a giant snow covered field with zero construction underway. etc etc. Everyone voted to stick it to Trudeau, rather than keep one of his lackies in power.
  9. That Debrusk knee was dirty AF, Kadri had his legs together and still took a hard direct knee attempting to dodge the knee. Not warranting an assault charge, but really it should be Debrusk 1 game and Kadri 10+
  10. Caufield....kid is the goal scorer Huges makes the plays but all the finish is Caufield, really liking that pick, having a great ACCURATE shot is a huge asset on our anemic PP.
  11. Maybe they should put Goldy back with him
  12. Which was a mistake, -22 this year lol, once Guddy escaped him he's all of a sudden his stats have improved/
  13. Utica didn't develop Gaudette, he was ready for that level already Brisebois is a -4 with no points, if we go by CDC logic that's a benching and he better be traded Sautner is 2 points in 17gp and -2, again another traded candidate. In all seriousness neither of them would be missed if swapped out, we really didn't develop anyone in the AHL, our depth is really really lacking and I don't think that's on the players.