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  1. He definitely hasn't, 20/hr then vacation, benefits, health care If someone went from 12/hr to 20/hr I'd expect the quality, and speed of work to match. Oh you were flipping burgers before, we'll now you're in charge of taking orders and cooking, we aren't filling the cashier position, congrats on your cashier cook promotion
  2. Jake brings EPs PPG down if you look at previous experiment, guess it's worth a try again but last year he made him worse.
  3. You'd burn your own house and work and claim you were being peaceful .....that's not Canadian at all.
  4. These kids are such idiots, destroying their entire future and city. This will end and they will go; time to go back to school, oh wait we destroyed it...maybe I'll work until it's rebuilt, oh wait we killed the economy.... Then demand the government fix everything. Instant they started looting/smashing stores/destroying things they lost any credibility. I'm still curious what their solution for justice is for that murdered girl, or if they plan on letting the murderer stay free.
  5. Boucher back and Comets tear it up. Goldy with two primary, looks like he needs a sniper to play with. Would like to see Boucher, Goldy and Baer come up as 3rd line
  6. Welp, he was -3 tonight, just horrible. didn't Goldobin get neutered for being a defensive liability
  7. Thing is goalie didn't expect that move either so if the puck hit the net he would be scrambling and then you have a few players around net ready to pounce on rebound he mishandled
  8. Auto correct on phone where screen gets cut off from iPhones horrible keyboard
  9. I'm totally rooting for the kid, and Jasek and NG etc. I really like Jasek This is purely about making about about how poor the development is in Utica Heck look at Palmu in Liiga this year, that kid is on a tear Dhalen as well, even though he's no longer our prospect.
  10. Since Boucher and Baer have been out of line up Lind went from 1 ppg to Nov 1 - 0 Pts Nov 2 - 0 pts Nov 6 - 0 pts Nov 8 - 1A on pp Nov 9 - 0 pts Nov 11 - 0 Pts
  11. Uh Went from 1st line potential to JV and then up slightly Utica had a 4 game loss streak where they couldn't score for 2 games and barely won in OT last night due to their Vets being out of line up. They are doing terrible job of developing prospects, Lind, Jasek etc etc have been invisible without guys like Boucher in line up and Comets can't win
  12. Not an odd question, they were saying podkolzin wasn’t going to be good, I said he was playing with low offensive talent linemates
  13. How do you think EP would do playing with Beagle and LE on a line?
  14. Still he’s on 1.6 ppg pace, league leaders are around 1.1, glad he’s doing well
  15. Haven’t seen it happen at all, if someone takes a shot and goalie is out of crease to cut down angle and then covers it after shot, that’s fine. If a goalie skates out to a loose puck outside crease and covers it, that’s delay of game.