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  1. It really depends on what you're looking for... Reception: Windows and mobilicity are pretty crap even though they've improved a bit. Rogers and their subsidiary companies have the best coverage in the city. Bell and Telus share towers, as well as their subsidiary companies Virgin and Koodo . Their coverage in the main city is not as good as Rogers but is definitely superior on the island or once you get away from the city a bit. Customer service: I feel that Telus still has the best customer service overall, but their wait times for their support teams over the phone can be quite tedious (especially for home services). An underused feature is their online chat which connects really quickly. Telus has the best in store experience but really if you kind of know what you need and what you're doing, then it doesn't really matter. It's partly why older people prefer Telus (also cause lots of them were with good old BCTEL back in the days. Prices: Also depends what you're looking for since the big 3 companies have very similar pricing structures. If you don't need a big plan and the newest phones, or if you're comfortable with buying your phone on Craigslist etc then definitely go with one of the subsidiary companies (koodo, fido, virgin, chatr) and see which one has slightly better perks that you wouldo need. If you have a big family, use a lot of data, or want one of the newer phones then go with one of the big 3. Prices will be about the same and again just look for any special sales or perks that suits your needs. Retention: All of the retention teams are very similar and don't offer much nowadays. Before they could give you a 6gb unlimited nationwide plan for maybe 65 dollars, but now all they give is maybe 5-15$ off the in market rates. Credits for new phones have decreased but in store/online sales and promotions have increased. You'll get more based on your payment history, tenure, number of lines etc. Also, don't sound like an entitled brat because the retention reps are just people doing their jobs. If you feel that you're not getting enough then hang up, do some shopping, and try one more time calling in (sometimes the rep just isn't willing to help, or you can choose to escalate it if justified). In the end, again, it just depends what you're looking for. There's no really "the best" cause they're all kind of colluding to squeeze the most out of us anyways. Shop around and be patient for good deals. Every company has bad reps but also really good ones.
  2. That was embarrassing.. -Don't know what Benning sees in sbisa. He played better down the stretch but most of us were ragging on him for the most part, and now we're stuck with this grenade fumbled at 3.6 m for 4 years.. smh.. -Higgins is solid defensively but how he remains in top 6 and pp amazes me -vrbata definitely looked spooked lol and was useless for the most part -we just were not nearly as hungry or physical and the better team won some "positives": -sedins weren't as bad as some of you say? Thought they were some of our few players who weren't really phased by the physicality of this game and was consistently able to actually carry the puck up and create some chances. With that said, they need to produce more than the 1 point they each have -lack was alright too imo. He gave up a few goals that he couldn't have done much about. He looked a bit shaky because the flames were able to create so much havoc in front of them. Should stick with lack next game. -horvat line was the most effective but less so after it looked like horvat tweaked something -entire team needs to rebound and be the ones to dictate the game, or else it'll get ugly being down 1-3 heading back to Rogers arena
  3. I was at both games and the crowds were definitely louder and more enthusiastic than regular season games. Game 2 was a bit louder but i think it was due to the better play and higher intensity. With that said, it seemed just as loud at the end when half the crowd (likely the more passive fans or respectable amount of flames fans) left.. so i could imagine it being much louder if the entire arena was filled with crazed Canucks fans.
  4. Has anyone been waitching all the comic book tv shows so far? I've been watching the flash, arrow, Gotham, AoS, agent Carter.. and think the DC shows are superior at the moment. Does Constantine and daredevil change this? Also I heard the tie in for AoS and age of ultron is not as strong as it was for CA2 so it might not really matter (but then again no one expected the size of the previous spoilers either.
  5. It definitely feels good to be the beneficiary of some really bad luck which seems to be more often this year than last. We probably didn't deserve this game and likely would have lost if it weren't for Marleau's uncharacteristic gaff, the quick whistle, and some of the bounces. There could have also been more calls on either side which would have helped the Sharks more. Our defense can be really good at times but is still susceptible to multiple breakdowns and collapses. Some of the guys have stepped up but can't wait until Tanev gets back to give us a rock solid number one pairing again. It's great that we have been getting the job done more often than not even without some of our top guys but we've got to play stronger consistently if we want to secure a playoff spot down the stretch and make some noise in the playoffs. I don't think we played much better than we did in the previous games but the positives are more noticeable: Horvat is a stud. Vrbata really gives our offense a more dynamic look. Sedins continue to produce and help drive our momentum. Lack can be so awesome; just hope he stays consistent. Most of the forwards like Bonino, Burrows, Hansen, Dorsett, and Matthias (Kenins and Higgins too when they're in) contribute in different ways even if they don't get on the scoreboard, which is crucial for these type of games. The only ones that don't quite fit in are Kassian and Vey. Gotta hope they develop into better all-around players next year. Anyways a win is a win. A big regulation one too. This looks like it will be one of the most intriguing final stretches in quite a few years.
  6. I've been going to 4-5 games per season for quite a while now and some of the things others have mentioned are really true: Lower bowl is filled with an older or corporate crowd who may care about the game but just acts too calm and cool. You also see more people leave early from the lower bowl than the upper bowl. Lots of casual fans in the upper bowls who are always on their phones and don't care too much for the game itself The DJ this year seems to be better with some of the song choices (i love it when the crowd sings along to Livin' On A Prayer) but can still improve. The crowd is too reactionary in general and this was especially noticeable when I went to the two previous games. There was a lot of emotion in Sunday's game against the blues with the scoring and rough stuff. As a result, the crowd was into it all night with Eddie chants, even after the Blues tied it up. On the contrary we were not playing well against the Sharks and the crowd just couldn't get into it. Admittedly, it gets hard for myself to cheer too when we can't even seen to make a pass. But at some places like the Bell center, the crowd always seems to be into the game and can even help push the players to add some emotion. The section you sit in also really makes a difference. If you want to get more involved maybe try sitting in section 329? I've sat there a few times and it was filled with more younger guys who are generally louder and more rowdy. All in all I don't think there can be much improvement as it is what it is. The only way I see it getting better is if our team plays exciting and fast-paced hockey every night. You can feel the place start to buzz when someone like Horvat tries a fancy move even if he doesn't get a great opportunity out of it, or even with a good save or hit.
  7. Its pretty cool to watch scenes and realize that you've been there. The final action sequence in episode 2 of the flash was filmed at SFU Surrey. Anyways, Ive been watching both shows and they're pretty good but i seem to look forward to Agents of Shield more.
  8. Well he didn't actually say "guys", it was just "come on out" and it wasn't with a very relieved tone. My guess is that it was just Noah. Even if Beth was rescued, Carol probably didn't make it.
  9. At first, I was thinking that Carol was pretending to be unconcious or something to infiltrate the place and save Beth too. But I don't think enough time had passed since Carol and Daryl left and his return to the camp for all that to happen? Also, it'd be pretty reckless for them to save Beth from what looks like a pretty secure location all by themselves. Though, Carol already pretty much saved the whole gang all by herself so who knows. Going back to the end of the last episode, the vibe and Daryl's expression when Michone asked, "Where's Carol?" makes it seem like something went wrong and they need to go back to save both Carol and Beth.
  10. I'm a total sucker for superhero movies and will probably catch all of these in theaters. Most excited for Civil War and Infinity Wars (I heard it's not going to have the A-list avengers?), but also just to see how the entire Marvel universe expands and develops. I wonder how much Agents of Shield will play into the events in these movies. Don't want to start a war here but DC has a lot of work to do to catch up but they've definitely got the potential to even surpass all the Marvel hype.
  11. Rangers tie it up with 3 minutes left after Smith goes down with a pretty bad looking leg injury.
  12. Men's hockey obviously, Men's team pursuit will skate for bronze tomorrow, we have 3 teams in 4-man bobsled but the best team will barely have a shot at bronze, Calve has a win this year in parallel snowboard slalom.. and everyone else is a longshot..
  13. Hamelin had a much greater chance at winning the gold and it's quite disappointing for him and the short track team in general, but a great effort by Cournoyer who wasn't a strong medal contender to grab a bronze.
  14. Valerie Maltais falls coming out of the last corner which would have moved her into the finals... She was doing so well up to that point Cournoyer is our last chance at a medal in short track but he's up against stiff competition in the finals against Victor An. Am I the only one watching short track right now instead of the hockey game? lol