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  1. It really depends on what you're looking for... Reception: Windows and mobilicity are pretty crap even though they've improved a bit. Rogers and their subsidiary companies have the best coverage in the city. Bell and Telus share towers, as well as their subsidiary companies Virgin and Koodo . Their coverage in the main city is not as good as Rogers but is definitely superior on the island or once you get away from the city a bit. Customer service: I feel that Telus still has the best customer service overall, but their wait times for their support teams over the phone can be quite tedious (especially for home services). An underused feature is their online chat which connects really quickly. Telus has the best in store experience but really if you kind of know what you need and what you're doing, then it doesn't really matter. It's partly why older people prefer Telus (also cause lots of them were with good old BCTEL back in the days. Prices: Also depends what you're looking for since the big 3 companies have very similar pricing structures. If you don't need a big plan and the newest phones, or if you're comfortable with buying your phone on Craigslist etc then definitely go with one of the subsidiary companies (koodo, fido, virgin, chatr) and see which one has slightly better perks that you wouldo need. If you have a big family, use a lot of data, or want one of the newer phones then go with one of the big 3. Prices will be about the same and again just look for any special sales or perks that suits your needs. Retention: All of the retention teams are very similar and don't offer much nowadays. Before they could give you a 6gb unlimited nationwide plan for maybe 65 dollars, but now all they give is maybe 5-15$ off the in market rates. Credits for new phones have decreased but in store/online sales and promotions have increased. You'll get more based on your payment history, tenure, number of lines etc. Also, don't sound like an entitled brat because the retention reps are just people doing their jobs. If you feel that you're not getting enough then hang up, do some shopping, and try one more time calling in (sometimes the rep just isn't willing to help, or you can choose to escalate it if justified). In the end, again, it just depends what you're looking for. There's no really "the best" cause they're all kind of colluding to squeeze the most out of us anyways. Shop around and be patient for good deals. Every company has bad reps but also really good ones.
  2. Its pretty cool to watch scenes and realize that you've been there. The final action sequence in episode 2 of the flash was filmed at SFU Surrey. Anyways, Ive been watching both shows and they're pretty good but i seem to look forward to Agents of Shield more.
  3. Well he didn't actually say "guys", it was just "come on out" and it wasn't with a very relieved tone. My guess is that it was just Noah. Even if Beth was rescued, Carol probably didn't make it.
  4. At first, I was thinking that Carol was pretending to be unconcious or something to infiltrate the place and save Beth too. But I don't think enough time had passed since Carol and Daryl left and his return to the camp for all that to happen? Also, it'd be pretty reckless for them to save Beth from what looks like a pretty secure location all by themselves. Though, Carol already pretty much saved the whole gang all by herself so who knows. Going back to the end of the last episode, the vibe and Daryl's expression when Michone asked, "Where's Carol?" makes it seem like something went wrong and they need to go back to save both Carol and Beth.
  5. I'm a total sucker for superhero movies and will probably catch all of these in theaters. Most excited for Civil War and Infinity Wars (I heard it's not going to have the A-list avengers?), but also just to see how the entire Marvel universe expands and develops. I wonder how much Agents of Shield will play into the events in these movies. Don't want to start a war here but DC has a lot of work to do to catch up but they've definitely got the potential to even surpass all the Marvel hype.
  6. Rangers tie it up with 3 minutes left after Smith goes down with a pretty bad looking leg injury.
  7. Men's hockey obviously, Men's team pursuit will skate for bronze tomorrow, we have 3 teams in 4-man bobsled but the best team will barely have a shot at bronze, Calve has a win this year in parallel snowboard slalom.. and everyone else is a longshot..
  8. Hamelin had a much greater chance at winning the gold and it's quite disappointing for him and the short track team in general, but a great effort by Cournoyer who wasn't a strong medal contender to grab a bronze.
  9. Valerie Maltais falls coming out of the last corner which would have moved her into the finals... She was doing so well up to that point Cournoyer is our last chance at a medal in short track but he's up against stiff competition in the finals against Victor An. Am I the only one watching short track right now instead of the hockey game? lol
  10. Our ladies' team pursuit team had the third fastest time in the quarterfinals but got knocked out because they were paired with the faster Russians. Mens' team will move on to semis after knocking out the states but will have a tough road ahead of them facing the koreans next and then the dutch team who set an olympic record.. But turning out to a good day with our ladies finishing 1, 2 in skicross and currently up 8-2 in the gold medal game for curling! And still chances to medal today in short track.
  11. Only one of the men didnt qualify, two got knocked out in 1/8 finals. All of the women got knocked out in quarter finals but yea none of them made it even to the semis. These games have been rather disappointing but still some good chances to medal. Both men and women will curl for gold, Womens hockey will play for gold. Some chances to medal in ski cross, mens 500m short track, womens 1000m, 4 man bobsled, team pursuit long track.. and of course lets hope we can end off with a gold in mens hockey..
  12. Bah, a few relatively disappointing results the past couple of days: -Skeleton ladies had poor 1st/2nd runs and just couldn't make up the difference despite their fantastic later runs -Luge ladies end up 4th and 5th -Men's double luge end up 4th -Team relay for luge ends up 4th -Nesbitt didn't have the same magic she had 4 years ago -St-gelais didn't qualify for finals for 500m -Men's relay team fails to qualify for finals even though they had a good chance at gold -Was really hoping Patrick Chan could bring home the gold but still proud of his silver Hope we can get more hardware in the second week, espcially in ski/snowboard cross, short-track, and of course hockey! GO CANADA GO
  13. Our gold medal favourite didn't make the ski slopestyle final but still three with a chance to finish with a medal
  14. This seemed much more one-sided than the Jones decision and maybe even worse than Pacquiao.. but I'm not familiar with the technical stuff so who knows..