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  1. I am a current GM of a fantastic keeper league. It is a unique stats league that not only includes goals and assists, but PIM, plus/minus, shots on goal, Game winning Goals, Hits and blocked shots. It is a diverse league with currently 28 GM's and require 2 more. We are in our 2nd season of the league, so it is relatively new. If you are interested in taking over one of the 2 vacant teams, you can email me at chadle87@yahoo.com. The website is http://home.cogeco.ca/~pshlhockey/. Boston and Buffalo are the 2 vacant teams without a GM, and in our innagural season, a fantasy draft was done to disperse players amongst teams.
  2. Eastside hockey manager = dope

    i downloaded Eastide nhl 2007 hockey manager. I am kinda stuck on where do you start to play or sim games. I have picked a team, assigned lines, assigned team needs, im under the cap and over the floor, i even invited teams to exhibition games via schedual, but i see nowhere once my team is set to start simulating the season. I go to next game but all it does is compare the teams and gives general info on the game like stadium date etc. What am i missing.. i would appreciate any help thanks in advanced