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  1. Hello there how u doin.:)

  2. Post Yo Face In The Twilight Sparkle Party

    Some of you people look kind of familiar. That scares me
  3. RIP LB. GO nucks GO.

  4. Three Truths and a Lie - JUN.24.08

    Hi Cory, Great job on the blog so far, although Kesler's blog last year was pretty impressive My question is this, with all of the young guys in town.... has there been much talk of the passing of Luc?. Fan's around here took the news very hard, and I couldn't imagine how it must have been for guys like yourself and Pierre-Cedric Labrie. Do you have any Luc Story's?. He seemed to be a quiet kid but once you got to no him he was a great character.
  5. Anyone wants an invite to HFboards PM me.. (their registration is by invite now)

  6. Where you been lately?

  7. Tips & Shaving - SEP.15.07

    Good read again Taylor. Can't wait for the season to start!.
  8. New Camp, New Roommate - SEP.13.07

    Another good read Mason. Enjoy the rest of camp.
  9. Back At It - SEP.13.07

    Another good read Taylor. Can't wait tell the Pre-season games!.
  10. Getting into the Routine - SEP.08.07

    Thanks for the report. Good read.
  11. On Ice - SEP.07.07

    LMFAO. Gold.
  12. Anxious Start - SEP.06.07

    Good luck at camp Mason. Just stick to your type of game and have fun.
  13. Day one - SEP.06.07

    Good luck at camp. Just have fun and stick to your own game.
  14. >D I personally like the "children's pillow: Edlerstrom"

  15. Those Ikea avatars from HF are awesome!