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  1. Only because wuhan is a city, not a province - hubei is the province, and it stands for "north of the lake" vs hunan meaning "south of the lake" in mandarin.
  2. That sentence about turning to "professionals in the field of alcohol abuse" for "guidance and counseling" sounds to me like Trump's favourite tactic: classic misdirection. If he had an alcohol abuse situation, there's no shame in stepping up and saying frankly, "I liked my booze, it got to the point of abuse, and now I want to stop it"; no need to allude to an alcohol abuse scenario. There is likely more to this story than is being told here in this statement.
  3. I'm sure there will. But given the state of health of the team for the most part right now, compared to years past - this is pretty damn good.
  4. Pos: relatively healthy heading into the 2nd half Neg: it's the 50th, for &^@#'s sake. Why haven't more members of the '94 and '82 teams (and '11, for that matter) been celebrated? Linden and Bure are the two that stick out the most. A lack of Naslund and Luongo (though the latter might be understandable, given the predicament we're in) also seems to be conspicuous.
  5. But he sure knew his Finnish. Ok, I'll just slide over here into the corner and stfu now...
  6. For the record, I watched tonight's broadcasts of Global National, CBC's The National, and CTV's National News, and I have to say that the CBC coverage of the New Year protest rally and march was the most impartial and objective reporting of the 3. Chris Gailus probably couldn't tell a HK'er from a mainlander if his life depended on it, and the coverage on Global National was short and the phrases used were slanted towards pre-judgement of the protestors. However, the CTV coverage was the worst of the three, with the reporter Ms. Lee being obviously supportive of (and apologizing for) the HK government (and yet reporting out of London). It's a sad and far cry from the days of credible and trustworthy reporting of Lloyd Robertson and his team when he was still with CTV.
  7. So right now, after a night of tear gas and water cannons and more police brutality in Kowloon, the next major rally and protest march (with early estimates already suggesting a current turnout of hundreds of thousands of people, and potentially pushing towards a million protesters or more marching) is winding its way out of Victoria Park and out onto HK island streets and roadways. Here's hoping every success to the pro-democracy supporters in HK for 2020, but really I suspect it will take nothing less than a regime change to their north for meaningful progess to be made.
  8. Nah, it's all good - we (ie. I) just need to save up for a few years, and then we can visit there again. In the meantime, I need to find a way to filter out the constant "When are we going back to Japan?" questions coming from her...
  9. https://news.rthk.hk/rthk/en/component/k2/1499303-20191224.htm You know, maybe if you popo weren't so god-damned obsessed with beating down the protesters and stifling protests at all costs, your resources wouldn't be stretched so thin and so stressed... clearly by doing the lame-duck government's (and by extension, the CCP's) bidding, you're losing sight of your real priorities.
  10. Commenting sexually about a co-worker in a public forum has never been acceptable in the 30+ years I've been in the workforce - I've seen more than a handful of senior managers and directors get fired the day after a Christmas party because they had one too many beverages and then proceeded to describe their colleague in a sexually unacceptable manner. This isn't about snowflakes or cancel culture, it's about human decency, professionalism, and respecting your colleagues.
  11. Yo man, quit sniffin' my keystrokes... um... I mean... uh... never mind.
  12. Roenick is a walking, breathing inappropriate comment. Hope they kick his ass so far out of the business that he orbits Pluto, and that the HHoF deems him not worthy of membership. Ever.
  13. https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ Because the other stuff I'm listening to (death metal) doesn't seem appropriate for the season.