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  1. Since the powers that be didn't like my last post that involved sexual organs from sterile animals, all I'll say is that website programmers nowadays are pretty crappy, letting malformed HTML code slip into their design. While one of my browsers is able to present the site in reasonably good shape, most of my other browsers think this site's code is a steaming heap of camel dung.
  2. Too late, I think he already pissed him off during the trade deadline.
  3. That's what the mule said!
  4. The new design is about as useful as a penis on a mule - lots of &^@#ing around but nothing that will bear fruit.
  5. There was this one time, I went to [redacted] and climbed the [redacted] with [redacted] and [redacted]. Afterwards, I [redacted] and then my buddies [redacted] while [redacted]. Seeing that [redacted] were about to arrive, my friends took off while I [redacted]. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.
  6. Having sat at section 323 row 2 for the Hip concert, I would say that 324 is probably your best end-to-end action seat of the three. If your intent is to mercilessly taunt the other goalie though, the other two ain't bad.
  7. Gives the phrase "Shut your mouth and keep rowing" a whole new meaning. EDIT: sorry, I used the wrong accent. "Yarr... shut ye yap and row like ye ne'er rowed before, arrr!!"
  8. 子曰: 「己所不欲 勿施于人」 My favourite all-time Confucius quote.
  9. Not sure where the concept of "2-way contract" = "not needing waivers" came from. 2-way contracts only dictate how much a player makes in the minors vs. the NHL, and has absolutely no bearing on a player's waiver status. Games played is the more direct condition to determine waiver status. That said, if Stevie Y was truly pissed off at Jim Benning for "tampering", there's a good chance that they won't be discussing trade options any time soon.
  10. I remember when one of the theatres (can't remember if it was the old Odeon in Station Square, or if it was one of the SilverCity theatres) made the theatre rooms a dead-zone for cellphones. I think it was Station Square. Best thing ever for people who go to the theatres to watch movies on the big screen.
  11. Willie goes all Reggie Dunlop while Emerson Etem becomes "The Killer" and the Sedins turn into Ned Braden. Count Bettman hands the Cup over to the Canucks after he's sucker-punched by Shawn Thornton. The end.
  12. This would give us 2 Viking lines... ...hey, maybe that's what we're missing - we should have the team renamed the "Vancouver Vikings"! Skål!
  13. We'll probably be carrying 2 extra D and 2 extra F - because Pedan plays both ways.
  14. While scoring is a key aspect in the game, I would say the one thing the team could spend a bit more time pursuing at this stage is face-off wins. Either sign a face-off specialist (a la Malhotra) or train our bottom-6 centremen to earn better than 50% face-off wins.
  15. Where's my damned Hip tickets!? &^@#ing Canada Post!