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  1. I can think of what Dhaliwal's premature bit would be from all the traffic he's gotten, and it probably rhymes closely with "re-stack elation".
  2. Just waiting for him to do a repeat performance of jumping up and down while squawking out the words, "Too many, TOO MANY!!"
  3. For some reason, I kind of envision @oldnews as more of a creator of Pinterest than Facebook.
  4. And here I thought they knew I was going to be out of town all of July, too..
  5. This is old news. You should be talking instead about the 2nd summons sent out to the two, which will be served to them the next time they step into the grate white north, after which if they still choose to ignore, they will be made to suffer in Canadian purgatory... which is listening to Anne Murray all day, every day.
  6. When these stories broke on CBC, and there was all this talk of Aquilini and foreign / migrant workers, my first thought was: what does this have to do with Tryamkin?
  7. As @ronthecivil would say, "I don't eat vegetables. Food eats vegetables."
  8. Lucic can suck on an arcing live wire while standing in a barrel of gasoline for all I care.
  9. Surprised nobody has offered Raymond, Ballard, and a 2nd yet... ....nah, just kidding.
  10. So how are we doing for contracts counting towards the maximum 50? And I presume this one is for next year (even though it doesn't say so in the snippet).
  11. Maybe the clip that was shown to him (on auto-loop) was of Pronger trying to detach Kesler's foot with his skate...?
  12. Don't worry, in the next month, all the pundits are going to expect him to skate as smoothly as Scott Niedermayer, have the mean streak of Chris Pronger, make thunderous open-ice hits like Scott Stevens, have the longevity of Chris Chelios, and the drive of Bobby Orr. And then when he can't match those performances in the next month, they'll label him a bust and say that the Canucks can't draft worth $&!#.
  13. Now the real question is: can we also sign his brother?