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  1. Find two Swedish twin streakers and have them run across the ice, just like that game back in the 70's between the Islanders and the Canucks.
  2. I would think that part of the exorcism would involve officially retiring 11 as Wayne Maki's number to relieve us of that curse. Otherwise, we might get to the dance, but we sure as heck ain't leaving with the Prom Queen.
  3. If they do that, the league will come up with a new punishment that will make the Luongo rule a pittance in comparison.
  4. Speak for yourself, wild man! I'm too busy here boozing and greasing and waiting for my next check-up where my physician will almost guaranteed read me the riot act!
  5. To be honest, having an un-utilized player on an active roster of 23 players is more than ample punishment for not playing the player - the idea is that at some point, rotating in the player will help minimize fatigue on the rest of the roster. They're just digging themselves a hole by not playing him. Sucks for the player that they're not being played by the coach, and should probably be something dealt with as a point of negotiation from the PA, but I have to agree that acting on this is overthinking the issue.
  6. More like showing predictability about being predictable.
  7. If you went straight from the accident scene to the hospital, there's a pretty good chance they did a blood test on you if you were admitted for a hospital stay. Hospitals like to cover their ass as well, and will want to know what underlying medical conditions and predispositions you have before letting you stay (the last thing they want is a malpractice suit on their hands).
  8. Wrong time of year for this, but my favourite seasonal recipe is when pumpkins are plentiful and everyone is busy getting rid of the seeds from them - I like to toss them into the warm oven with a bit of garlic powder, a bit of salt, a little bit of olive oil to keep things honest, et voila, garlic salted roast pumpkin seeds!
  9. I can think of one - that woman who tried to blackmail JJ and ended up posting a pic of him in bed with her. I believe his response when she tried to blackmail him was "Go ahead".
  10. ...

    If you know Ben Stewart well, why bother letting KoS trollololol his way until the cows come home? There's enough posted here that if the BC Liberals and / or Ben Stewart wanted to launch a defamation of character suit on KoS, they'd probably win. You don't need to back the BC Liberals, the troll gets its due, everyone goes home to a happy ending.
  11. ...of course, the other alternative is to get some kids hooked on it, and then sell the whole lot to them. ;)
  12. There used to be a bunch of collectables stores around town that (if the cards were in good, resaleable condition) would pay you pennies on the dollar (ok, maybe closer to dimes on the dollar) for them. Now that most of them have closed shop, your best bet would be to find a gaming store (ones that sell Pokemon cards) to see if they'll take them in for resale, or if there are any avid fans/customers at the store who would want them. I have a stackload of M:TG cards that I may one day need to give up, and am considering doing the above for when the time comes. All my playing friends have no need for the 1000's of cards that I have, and with family and work being priorities, we rarely have time to play them anyways.
  13. There's nothing the Canucks should do, but I would say that this is an issue that the PA really should be addressing. Too bad Ol' Buttman has 'em by the nuts for the next round of collective agreement bargaining.
  14. Too late, the NHL is already doing business in Canada and the feds did squat about the fact that there are three false terms being advertised in the name "National Hockey League".
  15. Enduring memory - the pig feeding-trough urinals in the mens room. Last memory - of a Giants playoff game for $15, followed by watching the Canucks playoff game on the big screen at centre ice, as Jovo jumped up and down in the penalty box, followed by a crushing loss to the Flamers mere minutes later.