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  1. Nikita Tryamkin says "why not" for a return to Canucks for the 2020-21

    Considering one of his issues was the fact that people smoked pot, and given that Canada is set to allow recreational use of pot, I'm thinking there's something here that doesn't reconcile...
  2. Trevor Linden stepping down as President - Confirmed

    I'm not surprised - everything has a "best before" date, and regardless of what conflicts (real or imagined) may have (or have not) occurred, eventually this would have happened at some point. Good luck in your future endeavours, Trevor. Just hope you don't go into politics.
  3. Why so many mononucleosis cases for hockey players?

    That's part of it. However, think of all the ways that things get into hockey players' mouths - starting with the mouth guard. Out of the mouth, into the glove or hand; hand or glove goes onto the water bottle; same hand is used for putting in and extracting mouthguard.
  4. Romantic Love - fate or choice?

    It's all personal choice until rocks fall and everyone dies. Then it's fate.
  5. (Discussion)What is Gagner worth to CHI?

    Gagner doesn't really fill any of Chicago's needs, so I would be surprised if they offered anything more than the hair off of Patrick Sharp's cup.
  6. [Rumour] Hawks looking to dump Hossa's contract

    If he was LTIR worthy last season, and his condition hasn't changed, why couldn't they just shove him up their ass LTIR again this year?
  7. [Discussion] Which NHL 2018 Draftee's are AHL eligible?

    Can a player go back to college after they've signed a pro contract? I thought the whole idea of the NCAA is that there was to be no professional sports players playing on their teams?
  8. [Discussion] Lucic vs Eriksson

    Lucic vs. Eriksson? Lucic might be able to pummel the snot out of Eriksson, but he's got to be able to catch him first. Win goes to Eriksson.
  9. [Rumour] Brandon Manning to Van?

    PG is a shorter drive from Edmonton than it is from Vancouver... Just sayin'...
  10. Why do some excessively criticize prospects?

    No way, man! The koolaid I drink is black, yellow, orange, red and white!

    "The first rule about prospect trades is you don't talk about prospect trades..."
  12. [Discussion] if you could ask or tell JB one thing

    I would tell him to start spiking the officiating staff's and all visiting league office representatives' water so that they all get pregnant and go on parental leave, allowing fresh blood to take over for the season. Maybe with all that fresh blood at those positions, we would finally have a level playing field at long last?
  13. [Signing] Canucks sign Elias Pettersson

    "Joy to the world, Elias has signed; Let 'nucks receive their King!"
  14. [REPORT] Glen Gulutzan hired by the Oilers

    Really? I'm thinking he'll keep moving east, hitting up Wpg next, and then by the time Mtl is done with him, there should be a franchise in Québec City.
  15. [Discussion] Enstrom unhappy with playoff scratch

    Neither did Sami "sometimes it hurts when I pee" Salo.