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  1. [Discussion] Kevin Bieksa

    We should only sign him if we remove all the lines on the ice. He seemed to trip over them every time he stepped on the ice.
  2. [Report] Ken Hitchcock to retire

    But the real question is: does he have a bona fide #1 to ride on, come hell or high water?
  3. The Luongo issue actually dates back to when AV was here. He misplayed his goaltenders during the playoffs, and then after he got fired, Torts had to deal with the fallout. Gillis is also to blame here for letting things get out of hand. Don't forget, though, that many people on here were screaming to trade Luongo long before the 2011 finals, mainly because of his contracts (both the one he signed with Nonis, and the one he re-upped with Gillis). I wouldn't be against the notion of bringing Schneider back, but the real question would be would he want to come back knowing he won't be the 1A man?
  4. [Report] Drew Doughty suspended 1 game

    The only thing consistent about the dopes at DoPS is that they are consistently inconsistent.
  5. I prefer the concept of having all the non-playoff GMs locked in a cage and having a battle royale. Last one standing gets the top draft pick, the guy he beats last gets 2nd pick, etc., until all non-playoff teams have an assigned pick. If the non-playoff team traded their 1st round pick to another team, the receiving GM should be in the cage. Obviously weapons are not allowed, but in the spirit of WWE, gloves should also not be allowed.
  6. Team Review and Suggested Moves (Discussion)

    Speaking of presentation, that table is all &^@#ed up. The line wrapped somewhere between the forwards and the defence, so the table looks completely nonsensical. And I blame that on this website's design and its inability to be handled by all browsers. (So it's not your fault.)
  7. The twins probably feel most strongest about Edler, but at the same time, if they were in favour of Bo, it's entirely possible that they are avoiding mentioning him to prevent putting pressure on him during the off-season. Although they've stressed that leadership isn't based on the letter on their chest, the pressure the letter holds is something that unprepared players can crumble under. If the intention is to promote Bo as captain, the best way to go about it is to ease him into it, and not just toss him to the vultures that our sports "media" have consistently demonstrated to be.
  8. [Retirement] The Sedins to retire at the end of the season

    Anyone know when the end-of-season interviews will happen, and if the Sedins will be there? (I'm assuming they will)
  9. [Proposal] Hire AV!

    Not sure what games you've been watching, but Jake is now riding shotgun with Bo, and even when Nik has made a defensive gaffe, Green has tossed him out there the next time his linemates are put on the ice. Green is miles ahead of understanding what makes youth tick compared to AV.
  10. [Proposal] Hire AV!

    AV is a stubborn &^@# who couldn't coach his way out of a wet paper bag. Green at least can make prospects show their potential, and celebrates it instead of benching them for showing their talent.
  11. NYR fire Alain Vigneault

    The biggest issue with AV was his decision to ride one goaltender at all costs. In the '11 playoffs, the team won all those series except the final despite the coaching. Schneider should have played a couple more games in that post-season, most specifically game 4 of the Hawks series and at least game 3 or 4 of the finals. Instead, he chose to wear out Luongo, and decided to demonstrate the definition of insanity (ie. doing the same thing repeatedly expecting different results). The fact that the league chose to inconsistently apply the rules regarding "late" hits on us didn't help. Honestly though, if not for Burrows, he'd have been turfed many months earlier. Lucky &^@#, he is. Glad to see that the Rags finally gain some sense about the coach they had (and finally fired), but at the same time, I still hope the Rags burn in hell.
  12. (Article)Sportsnet Prez feeling the wrath of Canucks' fan base

    Let's face it, in the eyes and the minds (do they even have minds? but I digress) of the Upper and Lower Canadian stretches, if not for the Pacific ports on the BC coastline, and the need to prevent the US from owning the north Pacific shores from Alaska to California, we would be treated like some inconvenient place like Northern Ontario or the Yukon.
  13. Final HNIC game for Sedins

    Now there's a non sequitur if I ever saw one.
  14. Final HNIC game for Sedins

    Agreed - they should assign that goofball Randorf to the Flamers game that night.
  15. Relationship Problem

    On the one hand, it seems like you're on here seeking validation from the story you've given. However, on the other hand, I'm sure many guys have seen this scenario play out before, and have their own way of dealing with it (or may still be dealing with it, with varying degrees of "success"). I think the best thing for you is to stop seeking validation here and instead look deep inside yourself and ask yourself some very key questions: 1. How honourable are your true intentions? No, really. 2. Does your relationship with your girlfriend have value to you, and if so, how much? 3. Is your girlfriend worth losing over a casual friendship? If not, you need to figure out a way to communicate to your girlfriend (and come to an understanding) that both types of relationships are important to you and that they are not necessarily mutually exclusive. On the other hand, if the opposite is true, then your relationship with your girlfriend isn't that valuable to you, and you're better off breaking it off sooner than later. There are 100s of different situations and 100s of different pieces of advice that can be given to you, but in the end, it's your relationship, it's your life, and you need to figure out for yourself what your values are and what things mean the most to you. Good luck.