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  1. I fall staunchly in the "neither" camp. There are so many other more worthy Canucks ahead of them that by the time either of those two are chosen to go up, there won't be any more space on the ring.
  2. I have to agree to a certain degree with the fellow that mentioned about (a lack of) competence. My Brother was in Royal Columbian earlier this year complaining of abdominal pain, and was sloughed off as a simple case of stomach cramps, given some pills, and then sent home. Went back again a day or so later - puking up stuff and unable to $&!#, and was sent back home with the same diagnosis (with no further checking by the medical staff). Finally booked it to VGH early the next morning after gut-wrenching pain keeping him up for the last few days, and was diagnosed with a blockage in his intestine which could've gotten pretty serious if left untreated. Got the medical procedure he needed within a day, and was released a few days later with the situation resolved and him feeling much better. The issue is probably that VGH has a lot of the good (and experienced) ER personnel - those who know what to look for and which tests to run (and have the proper equipment to run those tests) - while the other hospitals are left struggling with under-experienced or outright incompetent medical staff and without the necessary facilities to run the proper diagnostics. And although our advanced education system is trying to pump out as many doctors as it can, I don't think many of the better-trained or experienced doctors are willing to work in smaller hospitals (or communities for that matter).
  3. Yeah, the fishy stuff started with the words "Toronto Maple Leafs".
  4. So if the balloons up there are banned, then how about the "balloons" down there? Or is safe sex in parks now banned as well?
  5. There was a bit of chatter in the "Canucks Fans in Hong Kong" facebook group about organizing a trip, but that seemed to have fizzled out. To be honest, I'm kind of disappointed that the league has pulled out of the winter olympics, and in that context this exhibition stuff doesn't make any sense, unless they're trying to toy with the KHL, which makes even less sense.
  6. Just waiting to see when the rumours of his father buying the Avs will start to surface...
  7. He's probably just pissed off his political bedfellow Christy Clark lost her job, and doesn't want to fight as the sole conservative voice amongst liberals and democrats. (Note: Manitoba's premier is in a lot of hot doggie doo-doo at the moment, and is probably going to get fried soon, so even if Wall isn't the only conservative first minister, he will be soon enough )
  8. My wife already chose for us, but I can't help but wonder (because we don't plan on having kids) if her choice will ever come to fruition. In other words, no family or friends around to help execute the choice she made. And besides, who knows - maybe we'll end up on a flight like MH370 and our remains would never be found...?
  9. And yet the powers that be here still allow for this goof to be considered an acceptable source, while shutting down rumours by other people who have more credibility.
  10. It's not a true road trip if you're flying part of the way. ;)
  11. The NHL Striped Zebras, managed by Count Bettman, and coached by one of Colin Campbell's proteges, who will continue to deny the Canucks as they have the last couple of times the Canucks have made the finals.
  12. Which is exactly what Diefenbonehead did, and which is why Canada needs to correct that. Here's hoping that our leadership has bigger balls than Diefenbonehead, and isn't so goddamned myopic.
  13. I think the bigger question(s) would be: Would the Tre Kronor invite them to play for the team? ...and assuming they do, would the Sedins even accept?
  14. Sure, and that's fine, as the skilled workers (foreign or otherwise) would likely provide economic benefits to Canada from the wages they earn. Besides, as long as we have the clear foresight and political motivation to keep the project running, the benefits will ultimately outweigh the costs. Diefenbonehead crippled our country when he cancelled the project, creating not only the brain-drain that this revived project could correct, but also by placing our air defence reliance upon the Americans - who we can't really trust any more, as suggested by our Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  15. So, we'll just entice them back with a better salary and a universal health care system.