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  1. I'd be perfectly fine with extending him for a year at $8M even - but the only condition that I would accept for re-signing him (at any price) would be that there be no NMCs or NTCs in the extension contract. (...and then secretly wish that Las Vegas picks him in the expansion draft)
  2. Vegas? The new shining star of the league - punished? NEVAR!!!!!one!!!!2!!!!1!!!!
  3. No, it was apparently too many bananas and the game going into double OT or something like that. Dany Sabourin!!
  4. That's a question for CDC... ...not Canucks Dot Com, I meant the Centre for Disease Control.
  5. Wrong - Vegas chooses no lower than 6th. https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-expansion-draft-rules/c-281010592
  6. I take it that gives new meaning to "going down with a lower body injury"?
  7. Ah, Ok. For a moment there, I thought the "for sale" sign was out (with a 15% foreign owner tax stamp plastered on it).
  8. Wait... what's this about buying the team?
  9. I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Subban yet...
  10. Nobody ever accused the zebras (and the dopes at DoPS) of consistency.
  11. On the contrary, I could see them picking the exposed Sedin just to spite us, with the added benefit of currying the league's favour for doing so (not that they'd need it, since they're the league's New Shiny Thing™).
  12. I'm now waiting for them to construct an all-name team. How about: Ben Bishop, Robbie Earl, Dwight King, Austin Rook, Matt Pope, Spencer Abbott, Josh Monk, Travis Barron...
  13. They still are. Don't think for a minute that they're throwing games away. There might still be faint hope that we'll trickle in on a widcard spot, and all it takes is a strong run to the finish compared to those on the wildcard bubble.
  14. I'm guessing Boston is on that list...?
  15. Does mumps count as an injury?