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  1. Jim Benning's Drafting

    I don't mind the Jake pick, because knowing our luck, if we decide to trade him away, something something Cam Neely something. Seriously, though - I think we rushed him too quickly into the league. He should've played another year in the juniors before playing pro, and should've had his teeth cut with Green from the start.
  2. B.C. government to go ahead with Site C dam project

    Damned if you don't, and dammed if you do. Damned dam damning dammers!
  3. OMG Fog?

    Waiting for the fog to become freezing fog. Black ice, anyone?
  4. The Seattle Grinders, in deference to Starbucks.
  5. Horvat out up to 6 weeks with foot fracture

    That's because everyone needs their own "zOMG the sky is falling!!" thread here.
  6. [Report] Matthew Tkachuk suspended 1 game

    Lame. Should've been minimum 10 games and a hefty fine.
  7. Flames’ Tkachuk Spears Matt Martin

    What's the current length of suspension for jumping off the bench to engage in a fight? That's the penalty that this weasel should be getting.
  8. [Report] Roberto Luongo out 6-8 weeks

    Wait - what's this about him being in his 5th year of his second stint that started in Mar 2014? How did it suddenly become March 2018, and what did I miss?
  9. Bo is still the heart of this team

    Soul. Soles are for walking on.
  10. GMJB interview: 24.11.17

    A Finn C-man with a (seemingly) Russian family name that has scored almost a point a game in the last two seasons? That's hardly insanely crazy. The trick will be to figure out how we're going to get back a rough-and-tumble D-man back (either through trade or development).
  11. If you were Benning, what would you do? (Discussion)

    I really don't get why people have such a boner for EKane. He's already damaged goods, and by the time we're ready to contend, he'll also be on the downside of his career. As far as I'm concerned, he'll be deadweight. So could someone please enlighten me why there's such a groundswell of support for him?
  12. GMJB interview: 24.11.17

    You can easily convert C to wing, but it's more difficult to convert wing to C. For this reason, I'm in agreement that we could use some more C depth.
  13. If you were Benning, what would you do? (Discussion)

    ...and if I were Aquaman, I would fire you for this.
  14. [Waivers] David Booth, Freddie Hamilton

    Question is: does the Wild want him?
  15. Canucks personal goal songs.

    Is Danny suggesting that he's Clutch, of "Burrows? Do we really need him?" fame?