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  1. [Rumour] James Van Riemsdyk possibly on trade block

    I love how he's answered the reporter's question without really saying anything. Mike Babcock for Premier?
  2. internet security

    The best internet security you can procure for yourself is to get off the internet completely (ie. like a hermit). Any degree of exposure you have on the internet is an opportunity to have your personal and private details compromised. Feel free to digest on that for a bit.
  3. Maybe they'll take Edler for McOMFG and Draisaitl and their next three first rounders? No? Ok, maybe we'll sweeten the pot by sending over Felix Potvin's used cup as a bonus. ;)
  4. Markstrom: A lot of Canucks aren't good enough to be in NHL

    Edler was on the ice for all of the Carolina goals tonight. Just sayin'. (So was his d-partner, too, I think.) Markstrom is great for at least a couple of soft goals or three most game nights. There's a reason why his career shutout total is so despondently low. I can't read any of the tweets, because they don't show up for me on the browser on my home computer (I also can't quote posts here from home). Based on the comments reacting to the tweets here though, I suspect he's said something that will bite him in the ass, because one of the players who hasn't been playing well enough to remain in the NHL on many game nights is the person staring back at him in the mirror.
  5. Just a knee-jerk reaction - as in Burrows' knee reacting to that jerk Hall.
  6. Short-man Gary won't let us win the Cup once, much less multiple times, on his watch. Not to mention that "parity" = dynasty prevention mechanism. So I'mma say it's just you. Love your optimism though.
  7. [Speculation] Tampa looking for Veteran D

    Edler could also pick up where Ohlund left off. However, what's to stop Tampa from going after Karlsson instead?
  8. And Now It Gets Hard. The Next 6 Weeks.

    I came to say that 6 weeks was an awfully long time to be up against getting hard. Unfortunately for me, your 10 words are oh-so-much more eloquently said.
  9. On acceptance...

    Sadly, in this day and age of "duh internetz", everyone wants everyone else to inhale their opinion and say how good it smells. Nobody likes being wrong, because that'd be the equivalent of accepting that someone else went home with the prom queen / prince charming. So until the next generation can get some sense and humility slapped into their heads, you're unfortunately going to be stuck with us whiny little ignorant &^@#s.
  10. The debate on host cities for All Star games

    Better yet, how about they strike a deal with the KHL and host an inter-league all-star game, with the first one to be played in Putin's backyard rink?
  11. Is Brock a Generational Talent?

    But definitely best flow of his generation.
  12. Why The NHL Needs To Go Back To Their Old Playoff Format

    Scrap those jokes of division and conference names, and bring back the old SPAN divisions (Smythe, Patrick, Adams, and Norris) and conferences (Prince of Wales and Campbell). Then add another 33 teams, and create a two-tier league complete with a promotion and relegation system. And then toss that weasel Bettman off the Empire State Building without a harness and watch his plump carcass pop like a tomato. Oh. Yeah.
  13. Is Brock a Generational Talent?

    Does it count if his flow is a generational talent?
  14. Aquilini’s intentions with JB

    I voted both. Because, well, they were both available. (Psst... next time, set it up as radio buttons and not as toggle switches )
  15. (Proposal) Trade For Number 1.

    The only way the Canucks will ever get the #1 OA as a franchise will be to bribe (a lot of) people for it, and I'm not talking about bribing other GMs. Think: league personnel & audit firms. ('cuz God knows everyone's doin' it)