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  1. Now you need to read that out loud in de accent of Burrows.
  2. So instead of discussing the merits of the idea, you choose to ridicule it. Very mature of you.
  3. Food for thought: what if it was a false-flag operation? What if it was another country trying to piss off China enough that it has to spend resources to focus on NK instead of elsewhere, like the Pacific? Who stands to gain the most in that case?
  4. As Dubya once said, I wonder how many voters have the same mentality as Dubya?
  5. Wasn't that long ago that a family of two adults without dependents were paying $136, then they upped it to $150. Now they're playing pre-election santa and reducing it to $75. If they get re-elected, watch them bump it to $160 for January 2019.
  6. And here I thought the future considerations was an El Colloso burrito that Ovechkin had to buy for Quick the next time the Caps played in LA...
  7. The noise you hear from people who slag the Sedins is the same noise that slagged Luongo when he was here. These people who slagged these players (and Bure, and Naslund, etc. etc. ad nauseum) - either due to jealousy, mischief, small penis, or whatever - are a very vocal minority who aren't really knowledgeable about what they're saying, and make noise only for the sake of hearing their own online voices. In my mind, they're just background noise. Ignore them - life goes on with our without them, so why spend emotional capital on such meaningless, ignorant, and incompetent people?
  8. Our team doesn't need players with character issues, given the heavy amount of scrutiny our team gets from the league office.
  9. We're the recent Team Switzerland - not good enough to go home with the prom queen, not bad enough to get relegated.
  10. Excusez-moi?
  11. ........aaaand, UBC has just announced that the campus is open and operations are proceeding as normal. FML.
  12. Yeah, and UBC's execs have their heads up their collective ass. No indication whatsoever about a closure on their website. EDIT: here's the official word as at 2:00pm, which is still showing this moment (2:42pm)
  13. It's probably been said here already, and I'll say it again if it has, but please please PLEASE clear the snow off your car before you drive - that includes the roof and trunk of your car. Not only does the snow create unnecessary drag and add unnecessary weight on the vehicle, you're also going to be blinding the driver(s) behind you with the snow blowing off the top of your car. And, of course, if you clear your windshield, don't just open up a porthole. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/driving-with-snowy-windshield-porthole-gets-motorist-fined-1.3971315
  14. Maybe while he's down there, he can help JVir find his "stuff"? :D
  15. Too early for Cup talk?