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  1. Yeah, I knew what you meant, I was just being obtuse. I actually agree with you, I think the Sedins still have lots in the tank, and will likely have improved stats this year playing with Erickson and hopefully with Hank fully mended.
  2. Sharks have won the cup? News to me
  3. I believe it was always going to be Ottawa or Colorado for Wiercioch though. He played his college hockey in Denver, and I believe that's where his wife is from? There was an article (which I'll try to find) that mentioned he didn't want to uproot his family if he didn't have to. Now I'm just speculating, but I'm thinking he was only willing to sign that 800k contract for one of two teams; Ottawa or Colorado. Well that's an old article, but does mention his wife Kresson has no family in Ottawa, but also that they didn't want to move. Again, just pure speculation on my part, so take it with a grain of salt.
  4. You must have been a bad influence on him
  5. Contracts signed years ago in completely different markets. Yes it happens all the time, player has breakout year before they hit UFA and their price goes sky high, regardless of if deserved or not. So locking him up for 3 years of his UFA at what is a reasonable price, in today's market makes sense
  6. If he's battling Miller for the number one (which I'm sure he will) in what would have been his first UFA year, he's not signing for 4M. He'd be wanting more, and if he didn't get it take his chances in free agency. Plus 3.67 isn't an exorbitant amount in this market. If he flops (unlikely) expose him at the draft, waive him, keep him as a backup, whatever, very little risk here, with potential to be a great signing.
  7. He didn't, he based it off his personal experience with him. Whether you choose to believe it or not is up to you. So how is Ibanez a "cancer on society" as you described him? Because he told an anectdote of an experience with Kane? Where yes, he was there
  8. Yeah, no one on that list jumps out at me. Maybe Demers, but I suspect he'll still get close to or even over 4M. Better off to save the cap space, as I think there will be some cap crunched teams, and may be some useful piece that can be picked up as a result
  9. Hey Kenny, the link isn't complete. Where did you find the list? I'd be curious to see it edit: oh found it
  10. Hoping this is true. Don't know where people are getting this, "he's soft" from? Erikkson is a mucker, who gets his goals in close front of the net. He also plays PK and PP. Very defensively responsible. Not at all a Vrbata 2.0. I'd say he's more comparable to Burrows, but with a higher skillset
  11. At least in NJ he's only an hours train ride away from Manhattan. 1 1/2 hrs by car
  12. Would be hilarious if they did this and Lucic ends up not signing there
  13. Gotta wonder, even if Lucic had his mind made up to go to Edmonton, if the leaked report, and him having to deny it, might not be making him have second thoughts
  14. No the first was always supposed to be coming back to us, along with said Superstar
  15. Sure if you're just talking about the actual CBDs. Generally people refer to the entire Metropolitan area. I mean by that logic Calgary is bigger than both Edmonton and Vancouver. Anyway, way offtopic lol..So Lucic...