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  1. Make sure it's a collect call
  2. Ugh and don't know if you guys heard? But Tkachuk is on a 9 game point streak (barf)
  3. I was beginning to think I imagined them saying that in pre-game, with the way everyone has been reacting in here
  4. Alright guys, come on, make this PP count
  5. He was, they discussed it in pregame, apparently no one was paying attention lol
  6. Oh good, more about Tcachuk, Thanks Cassie
  7. But but, he's ruining/insulting all our young/new players. Just like he did to: Bo, Bear, Granlund, Stecher, and Hutton. He should put the injured player who's only played 3 games this season, and wasn't supposed to even be in the lineup tonight, in against these headhunters. And yes...that's sarcasm
  8. Scratched corneas are actually quite common in hockey, just not something that usually gets reported. Most commonly it happens to players who wear contacts, if the contact shifts after a hit, etc, it can scratch the cornea. Or if you get a snow shower in the face, there's usually grit in with it that can get in your eye. That's part of the reason why goalies get so mad if a player gives them the old snow shower. Usually not enough to keep a player out of game, but if it happens to make the eye really watery, it obviously can affect your vision for a day or two.
  9. Watch the Sabre's right skate on Markstrom's right pad. He literally drags him out of position. I have to admit, this is the first angle I've seen that shows the interference though, so unless the refs saw this angle in their review, I'll give them a pass. I certainly didn't see the interference live, or in any of the replays shown in the game, and was wondering what WD was challenging
  10. I mistook him for Paul Mcartney there
  11. Nice Summary. I agree with most of your points except the above. I think Gudbranson's hit rejuvenated the team. At that point they seemed to be flagging a bit and Buffalo had them hemmed in their own zone pretty good. Also it was Larsson who ran Markstrom, so I was waiting for someone to get him. Then he slew foots Gudbranson...he had to be made to feel some retribution. Like Shorty said, those are the ones you kill off for the team. That penalty kill seemed to refocus them. Also while Ben and Guddy struggled a bit against Buffalos forwards, I think part of that is, they are a speedy team, and this was the 4th game in 6 nights, with heavy minutes for those 2. So it was to be expected that they might run a bit low on gas at times. Man, all in all, I am really enjoying this run. Gotta laugh, only undefeated team left, top of the league, broke the weird record of winning 3 straight without a lead, and...scrolling down front page of, tonights win is the 17th story, with 2 Oilers stories, a couple TO stories, and one about the Winter classic above it
  12. Hmm, I'm guessing Jake goes down, Gaunce has made the team , and Ruutu gets signed
  13. So it's managements job now to be forthcoming and truthful with fans? Funny, I thought their job was to ice the best team possible, while planning for the future. Giving away assets, as opposed to sending young waiver exempt guys down, would be pretty poor management. Does everyone realize Stecher is young, with 0 professional games played. Going down and getting some Pro experience, and personal coaching is great for him. WD even said, he surprised everyone, had a great camp, will start in Utica, and they'll see him again "real soon". As far as Etem, he's likely only here till Rodin is back, to avoid uneccesarily losing other young players. Just because this is the starting roster doesn't mean it's set in stone. Everyone realizes you can still waive and bring up players once the season has started right??
  14. Again, Gaunce is in the lineup we were discussing, he's not taking a spot for him, and Virtanen, if on the team, should be in top 9. So Burrows on the 4th is not taking a spot from him. Yeah his goal-scoring days may be done, but he's not as useless as some of you make out.
  15. S'all Good Man: Its really interesting that a lot of people who are calling for Jake to be sent down to Utica are also the ones willing to forgive some of Stecher's glaring development needs to keep him up with the Canucks. Both have great skill sets and both need work too. I'd argue its a lot riskier to let an under-ripe D man stay up than a guy learning to be a power forward. I'd actually like to see them both make the team and I'm just fine with the inevitable growing pains. I'd much rather see that than a recycled Skille and Burr line, which is going to be boring as hell to watch if thats what we end up with. Don't know what's up with app, when I go to quote, it's quoting myself from 5 posts ago, thus the manual cut and paste. Anyway I think both Stecher and Jake would benefit from some solid minutes in Utica. Both have the talent and will be valuable assets, just need some time down to fine tune. Both would likely be back up and ready to contribute to the team, 30 or so games in. Not sure when sending young guys down to start on the farm became such a horrible thing around here??