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  1. Wow, words escape me. Full credit to Bo’s parents, they did a great job raising him. To be in his position in life; at his age, and to have such a level head, and be so humble. Bo will Captain this team to it’s first Cup one day.
  2. Where did you hear/read that? The article I read, said management reached out to Baertschi’s agent and said he was still in their plans. That was around 2 weeks ago.
  3. “Not now Popeye, and I’m gonna need my stick back out of there”
  4. With a ketchup bottle on top of his net in place of water bottle. For the between periods hot dog
  5. Ugh, is that music to calm the adrenalin down, so the boys get a good night’s sleep? Man utter domination, and the crazy thing is, the guys don’t even look like they broke a sweat. Just made it look effortless
  6. Please see Dr. PhillipBlunt about having your prescription refilled
  7. Love that stuff. Though I’m pretty partial to Tiger Shark. Sharp looking Growler
  8. Well, now that you mention it.., lol. Nah, I like this lineup. I wonder though, if maybe Gaud took a bit of a knock, and has an injury or something? Otherwise doesn’t make sense to keep him up, keeping Lui company (that’s gotta be demoralizing). Would make sense to send him down so he can be playing.
  9. I’m too busy yelling and cheering when we score, to notice (or care) what the f’in goal song is. Sorry 1-D, no offense. That’s more aimed at original poster, complaining about the goal song, not you
  10. Honestly, not a fan. With the broad green stripe at the bottom, and re-stylized stick in rink logo, looks like a practice jersey to me. I like the original 1970 blue jersey. Why not use that for the 50th? Really not a fan of the stylized stick in rink, just looks hokey to me.
  11. Had to record and watch this one on the delay. Was a fun one to watch. - Pearson, wow, looking good - Marky, looking great, and man, has his puck handling improved -Canucks are now a fast team - Philly, is looking like a great team, now that they finally have goaltending. It pains me grievously to say that Glad the boys beat them - Oh boy, are Hughes, Boeser, and Petey fun to watch in OT Despite a rough 3rd, overall fantastic game, so fun to watch. Can’t wait for next game. Go Canucks, Go!