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  1. It's not always easy to listen to interviews if you're not in Vancouver, as many of us aren't, so notes would be awesome
  2. Ah OK. Admittedly haven't heard the interview, was just going by the summary
  3. Didn't he say there's a possibility of using the 2x 2nd round picks to get another lower 1st round pick. That wouldn't be moving down
  4. It's probably a case of wanting to bring someone else in, who they perceive as being able to increase ticket sales during a re-build period
  5. Aquilinis will become even more "hands on" owners in reality...very little with day to day operations of the team. Probably just a change up in marketing strategies.
  6. I'm just going to say this. I've followed this team diligently since 1980, when I was 5 years old. Darcy Rota was my first "favourite player" after being traded here from Atlanta. In the 35-36 years since, I've rarely missed a game. So I'm no bandwagoner, and have seen some dismal dismal Canucks teams. This is the first year in my life since following the team, that I've actually stopped watching the games. Now I've given Willie the benefit of the doubt as long as I could. I understand the team is in transition, and there's been injuries, but...when Megna is getting PP1 and top line minutes over Bo, there's a serious problem. As I say, 35+ years of watching, and this is the first time, I've ever stopped watching or caring because of the bland product on the ice, despite some exciting young talent in; Bo, Tram, Goldie, Baertschi, Hutton, Granlund. I've even tried defending Willie, but, his player deployment is just awful. I understand limiting the ice time of young guys, and making them earn it, but they're not being given the ice even after going well and beyond earning it, and that's all on the coach.
  7. So from an accounting perspective, when season tix were scarce, your deposit would have been a long-term liability on their books. Now that season tickets are available for anyone, they're now re-classed as a short term liability (the tickets are now available for purchase) meaning they have to be off their books at the end of their current accounting period. So that means you buy the tickets now, before the end of their fiscal year (whenever that is, presumably in spring after season is over) and your deposit is applied to the purchase. Or you don't buy them and your deposit lapses, and the liability becomes revenue. It's not "management" trying to screw anyone lol.
  8. Make sure it's a collect call
  9. Ugh and don't know if you guys heard? But Tkachuk is on a 9 game point streak (barf)
  10. I was beginning to think I imagined them saying that in pre-game, with the way everyone has been reacting in here
  11. Alright guys, come on, make this PP count
  12. He was, they discussed it in pregame, apparently no one was paying attention lol
  13. Oh good, more about Tcachuk, Thanks Cassie
  14. But but, he's ruining/insulting all our young/new players. Just like he did to: Bo, Bear, Granlund, Stecher, and Hutton. He should put the injured player who's only played 3 games this season, and wasn't supposed to even be in the lineup tonight, in against these headhunters. And yes...that's sarcasm
  15. Scratched corneas are actually quite common in hockey, just not something that usually gets reported. Most commonly it happens to players who wear contacts, if the contact shifts after a hit, etc, it can scratch the cornea. Or if you get a snow shower in the face, there's usually grit in with it that can get in your eye. That's part of the reason why goalies get so mad if a player gives them the old snow shower. Usually not enough to keep a player out of game, but if it happens to make the eye really watery, it obviously can affect your vision for a day or two.