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  1. ♥♣♥happy birthday♥♣♥

  2. Ahh, why'd you get banned? Great poster...

  3. Just to answer yr question in our banter in the Hockey Gods thread.....i wonder if theres such a thing as 'veiled superstition' amongst us mere mortals?!

  4. Happy Birthday.

    Love Mattwn

  5. Are u from Portland Area?

  6. Further to the apology, my email is on profile if desired.

  7. Ok- I do owe you an apology , Sweet Sixteen. Fascist Spain, Italy, & those horrid colons of Algeris, up to 1962 were twentieth century Christian States gone geocidal. I forgot. Honestly.

  8. Unfortunately, I am only familliar with the "Calgary Swallow", which is, on the average, a full pint of seven per cent brewski wothout stopping to take a breath.

    But I degress.

    The common sask. Barn swallow willl get loaded on fermented fruit- ( I kid younot!)