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  1. Did I miss anything? I've been away for three months with the birth of a new child, selling my house, loss of a family member, and covid. I feel like I've neglected my team and everyone here. Hopefully I'm not the only one feeling like I've taken a huge break from fantasy hockey or missed something!
  2. We are pleased to announce the hiring of@Bobby_Lu1ngo as assistant General Manager of the Columbus Blue Jackets effective immediately. @Bobby_Lu1ngo is a wealth of knowledge and his experience will be vital to the future of this franchise. Everyone please welcome my good friend and assistant GM Bobby Lu! Please include @Bobby_Lu1ngo in all future messages. Good luck to all down the stretch!
  3. Bob McKenzie suggests the Canucks could still be interested in Simmonds: Here Can't wait to see what JB has up his sleeve!
  4. Hey guys, Columbus is a fringe team this season and thus looking to obtain a few picks/prospects as we re-tool for next season. Available are the following players: Mark Sheifele - WIN - 5.21 FP/G - $4,750,000 cap hit Blake Comeau - DAL - 2.91 FP/G - $2,000,000 cap hit Tyler Pitlick - PHI - 2.89 FP/G - $1,250,000 cap hit William Carrier - VGK - 2.86 FP/G - $1,750,000 cap hit (Extended thru 2020-2021, 2021-2022 for $2,000,000/season) Take a look at our roster - see if there is anything that might help your team this season. I've had offers on Marchand and Hedman, however they are practically untouchable..unless there was a seriously incredible offer. Other than those two guys.. anyone is really up for discussion. Cheers, Brew
  5. I tried to get him for three years but @thejazz97 runs a tough negotiation
  6. Happy new year everyone! I've had a few brewski's..if anyone wants to make a's the time. Leggo!
  7. If anyone is interested in 22 year old deferenceman Travis Dermott, I'm open to offers! Looking for prospects or picks! Hes got a $3,200,000 cap hit and is minors eligible. Expires in 2021.
  8. BOB IS ON THE MARKET! There has been some interest in the services of CBJ goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky, thus the CBJ are taking offers on this elite tender. PM me any offers/questions/etc and I'll try and get back to you ASAP.
  9. Exactly. Not sure what the previous CBJ GM was thinking with this player...But so long! Burry that contract deep in the bowels of the minors.
  10. Hi, Guys, I wanted to introduce myself as the new manager of the Columbus Blue Jackets! I'm really looking forward to working with you guys and making some trades happen! My team is quite thin at center. As a matter of fact I have two roster guys that aren't even playing in the NHL. I'd like to send them to the minors - however I need some players that can fill in on my active roster. I'm willing to trade a pick/goalie/winger to increase my center depth. I have two starting goalies (which I don't think is a bad thing) but I could trade one of them for a back-up and perhaps a pick to increase my depth down the middle. Let me know if you want to make something happen! Thanks!
  11. CDC Pokerstars Tournament tonight after the game. First game @ 8:50 pm PST. More games if necessary.

    Please sign up :)

  12. Needing Fantasy hockey information as fast as possible! Draft is tomorrow and I'm totally not prepared!! Links, advice, ect is much appreciated!

    1. kanucks25


      Pick the players that will get you the most points in your pool. I'm telling you, it'll work.