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  1. Repectfully people, I think it's important to help out the OP with their question, rather than perpetuate a fight that won't help at all. OP - I should also mention that there is a great forum on that site where you can discuss specific problems with anxiety and there are real people who will totally understand what you're going through and will support you with ideas and understanding. Again, as someone who battled anxiety for a very long time, I can tell you that it does get easier and it's great that you are seeking out a means of helping yourself deal with it. Good luck!
  2. This site helped me A LOT with my anxiety. Let's just say I was to the point that even leaving the house was a major ordeal and now I find I can lead a fairly normal life. I still have anxiety / panic attacks in certain situations, but even in those moments, I can use strategies I learned and deal with them. Good luck and work at fixing this. It takes time and a lot of effort, but the pay-off is huge, I promise! http://www.paniccenter.net/
  3. Hey BM I can call you that? Anyway, I haven't been on CDC in months. Did I miss anything exciting? What threads should I read (in your opinion)?
  4. I know my life has gotten to "pathetic" stage when I looked out the window today and my first thought honestly was, "Wow. I'll bet the OMG Windy? thread is up and going."
  5. I KNEW IT! The Gov didn't change. He's still a baddy. Good. Anyway, I think Carol will come back because she forgot her purse or something, see the Gov lurking around and they will hook up and both run off together, start a family and build a bigger and better (more efficient) farm than Rick's pathetic one. They will be the most lucrative farmers of the zombie apocalypse and that will finally make Rick give up and in the end, he will go to work for the Gov. Carl will disown Rick as his Dad and the Gov will adopt him. That, or the Gov is going to kill off some jail people before being taken out by, hopefully, Michonne. He obviously doesn't shoot her, as the end of the episode implied and she will sneak attack him and say something Michonne-y, like "You should've taken me out when you had the chance", then get him.
  6. Okay, I have to be honest - I thought that episode was totally lame. I felt absolutely no love for any of them. And that the Gov can totally change because of being a wandering/alone man and hanging out with a family for a couple of days seems awfully far-fetched. Sure the little girl reminds him of his own little girl, but sheesh - he's been a hateful, power-hungry guy for so long and NOTHING has swayed him from this path, now all of a sudden he's got a heart and cares about people? I don't buy it. That said, if they wanted to convince me, I guess I would have wanted this change and relationship to have taken more than one episode, to build it up more.
  7. After all these years, I love listening to my UNREAL playlist, whilst playing Unreal Tournament GOTYE. Currently, it's "Ringfinger" by NIN.
  8. WHAT? You don't care about my buddy, Merle? Oh, that's so sad!
  9. I was just going to say how much I love rain - sooo cozy, especially the sound. But, then I saw your pictures, VC and I don't think many people would agree with my sentiment!
  10. See, I thought it was Carl feeding the zombies. Why? He wanted his gun back and pointed out to his Dad they there were more of them and that was basically the job he wanted to do (not farming). I think Bob is the body-burner. He's a shifty one, he is. But, then maybe the writers are wanting us to suspect him. I do agree that the Gov. is behind this all somehow. Where the heck has he been all this time? Certainly not farming, like a certain leader we know.
  11. Oh, yeah - the handshake! But, it was Daryl who licked his fingers first - maybe he spread something to the kid?
  12. Have to agree that the lady in the forest was fantastic for creep-out factor. Felt bad for her and scared of her all at the same time! I like that there were way more zombies than in previous episodes - been missing the little guys! There was enough goop to actually make me uncomfortable, too! Lots was set up this episode and it looks like it will be an interesting season (they need to move on from the prison - don't really want to see a whole season with it again, personally). What I didn't like was the really shoddy acting from almost everyone except Reedus and the forest lady and for the most part, Lincoln.
  13. Hey! I'm a woman and I'm not irritating. I'm awesome. Anyway, didn't see the first episode yet - Scale of 1 - 10, people? Can't possibly be good now that Merle is gone (wah).
  14. Just curious - why are you on the thread, then? When I see a thread about a show that I don't watch or don't like, I just skip it. Personally, it's not one of my very faves, but it has enough redeeming qualities to make it a fun show to watch.