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  1. Top 6...please. Let's do the stats and the likelihood hood of that happening. Evidently his own team didn't think so hence his 5 min (rough estimate) to skate around to be a goon. That would have been a more realistic estimate of his value. Mere speculation hopes/dreams don't cut it. I wanted to be an astronaut despite being relatively intelligent, chances are slim to none. Let's get real and now his only viable career option is to work at a fast food place...two extreme career aspirations I must say...many others had the same fate...worked hard and rejuvenated their hockey career instead of sitting on their ass hoping to cash in big with a lawsuit... So American and not the actions of a true hockey player...nothing can keep them off the ice...NOTHING. If you had a broken finger, I'm thinking you'd probably sit long as you're getting paid, if not the organization would probably hear about's only about the money.. People who only focus on the "money" usually don't get far in their career. You need talent and most of all drive and passion. Does Moore have that... Based on his actions after the incident, I'd have to say no...seems the prosecutor is throwing out nonsensical garbage..instead of anything of realistic value to the case to help conclude this matter..I just hope the judge throws out this case for wasting everybody's can you respect a prosecutors that has laughable expert witnesses...this has America civil suit nonsensical garbage written all over it. Hey why not shoot for $100M .. Everything else is made up to the prosecutors/Moore camp whim.
  2. I'm liking his play and we don't have too many players who are as fast and as aggressive so I'm in no hurry to move him.
  3. What about turn overs? All I saw was turn over after turn over and being lazy about it nor caring to fix his mistakes...he was looking more like a liability and I suppose the -3 reflected that. Unacceptable when other people are working their ass off or where there are others who could be called up and would put in much better effort and not be a liability and show more maturity and professionalism.
  4. That's usually my first thought... I wander if this is going to be another case of a coach/GM change for the opposing team after playing a game against the Nucks...if it isn' should be. Lots of great quotes after the Love the...and I'm paraphrasing...opposing coaches comment about being tough to score from their end...LOL. Atleast he has a sense of humour.
  5. Weak...LOL. He's been the most consistent I've ever seen him. We're losing because we're only getting ONE goal games. Lu basically has to have a shut out every game to get a win. How realistic is that?
  6. So much for that theory! When I did a quick look I counted less. Not sure what I was looking at. Even so, we expanded way too fast and the league is running inefficiently with too many deadweights with no signs of recovery. It's best to cut your losses and redirect the monies to something of beneficial value to the league.
  7. Fact of the matter is players were making mistakes everywhere. One too many odd man rushes that Lu saved over and over again. So Lu makes one mistake. 100% of the time he would and should have had that. Mistakes happen. He's human, not a machine. Players make mistakes all the time, goalies included. As they say, I'm sure he would have liked to have taken that one back. The saying applies to him as with any other goalie. He's not perfect. No one is. But just as he covers the players butts/mistakes on numerous a team they need to cover his. It's a two way streak. It's called teamwork.
  8. Double Post
  9. I agree. The league is too big and bulky and inefficiant. Too many deadweight teams. What other pro league has as many teams as we do? Not many, if any. Because it's in efficient to do so! Find other means to grow the business. Invest in other ways then carrying deadweight teams that are hugely expensive and costly with no prospect of conceivable return. Money is being thrown away instead of investing the monies in a more appropriate means that will truly grow the league not hinder it when monies are being invested in bottomless pits. It's like a bad stock that at the end if the day is worth Nil and all the money invested is down the tubes. Actually it's even worse then a bad stock because you will continue to still owe monies to it. It's like getting a loan for a stock with high interest and never recover the monies to pay it off. Just not a good financial business idea all around.
  10. I like that. The broadness of the current system is just creating a log jam and is not a complete accurate or thorough representation of the results of the games.
  11. Are you frickin kidding me. Where's the logic in that. ANY GOAL should be reviewable irrespective of circumstance as they decide the game. WTF is wrong with this league...seriously! !! Getting tired of these BS calls. What kind of frickin sports league is this....they're turning the NHL into some kind of bush league. Fans paying for their existence demand and deserve a fair and professionally run league with the utmost integrity as do the players! Don't get on the Sedins for lack of scoring if the the NHL/refs are constantly taking the Sedins out of the game at pinnacle moments and taking away their goals...get on the refs/NHL for not allowing fair game! Pathetic and shady display of professionalism. Here's my advice to the Sedins/Canucks...keep your eye on the prize. You'll come across haters that hate to see you's water off your back and let it roll and keep going. Haters will be hating...but that's their issue not yours and just carry on...they can try to weaken our first line, so we'll roll our second line then our third line and just keep it coming and don't let up...
  12. Or something to the effect that no one scores on Cory but Cory