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  1. Nice username man.
  2. your from canada? you know a terry toop?

  3. April 30th, 2009

  4. in hardcore use the UMP its one shot kill.
  5. i got the emp emblem from the care package glitch.
  6. dude chicks should be applying lip gloss not playing CoD and going 94-13.
  7. started using the 7-11-Nuke killstreak and it's pretty cool. The only problem is when people shoot down the freaking air support. Got 3 Nukes, in Rundown, Wasteland, and Afghan. Harrier and Chopper Gunner do work on those maps.
  8. frackK!!!! THEY patched the infinite care package glitch, it was so damn fun
  9. just went 68-9. frack yes.
  10. lol to get that you gotta kill someone with it.
  11. yeah what school do you go to

  12. By Yale? I live on the other side near aldergrove.

  13. What part of Abby do you live in?

  14. WOOT! Got the AK-47 TITLE! I've never seen anybody with it. Rare!!!