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  1. Yes absolutely... Maybe we have a low bar, but he has been a very honourable Canuck in his time. Oh and he's an underdog story coming out of the ECHL, and Canuck fans love the underdog.
  2. I don't mind some negative articles, and over the years of TonyG the Canucks have had many reasons to write negative stories. However, during the glory years leading up to 2011, I didn't like how his articles after a loss were always "here we go again... " referencing back to past choke jobs. He never had much optimism about Luongo, who is the best goalie our franchise has ever seen (honorable mention to Captain Kirk, and an argument could be made for King Richard if he played longer and on a better version of this team). He did write some good articles, both positive and negative, but I will remember him mostly for his negative articles and pessimism towards the Canucks chances of success. I also thought he came off as a pinhead whiner in an interview with Thornton during the finals in 2011.
  3. I felt Tony G. was trolling more often than criticizing. He had some good articles from time to time, but being a reporter for 35 years, you should be able to make some decent articles on occasion. Certainly don't have any ill will for him, but won't miss him either. The chicken little syndrome, everyone is out to get us mentality that seems to surround the Canucks annually was often generated and fueled by TonyG articles. Around the rest of the league seeing articles he wrote would make the entire Canucks fanbase look like tinfoil hat wearing kooks, in particular when playoffs rolled around and he would write that the league doesn't want a Canadian team in the finals. He wrote articles that he knew would enrage some fans and confuse others and I don't think it was just his opinions that decided what he wrote about. It all seemed to come down to hits on the webpage or comments after the story that drove what he wrote about.
  4. I know Sbisa makes some mistakes, but I don't think he is anywhere near as bad as he's made out to be. He has top pairing potential, but makes some bone head mistakes. But if you are being fair to him, he has been making them less and less often and IMO has been developing into the potential he was drafted for. He is huge, strong, skates well and shoots hard. He can do things due to his talents (size, strength, speed) that most others will never be able to do. His only draw back over the years (including in Anaheim) has been a penchant to make dumb plays. But I think that has improved a lot since he came to Vancouver. And how is putting a rookie in his spot going to prevent stupid mistakes made by young defensemen? Sbisa is still young, especially by defensemen terms...
  5. Ya but we are paying Lu to play in Florida, and paying for a high end veteran Miller to ensure if Lack doesn't steal the net we have another plan, and then of course we have Lack's contract. I am not complaining about our goalies cuz I think we got out of that mess better than expected. But I think Lu's 7 million per year compared to Millers 6 + Lack's 1.15 + Eating Luong 0.8 + Markstrom... We did OK, but could be fine with Luongo too. But he did have to move, so all in all we did pretty good by filling our goalie pipeline again.
  6. John Leclair was a big guy but he played smart. Zeke doesn't look like a young John Leclair to me... John Leclair had 70 points in his first 141 games... Zeke has 56 points in 182 games. Habs didn't waste Leclair, they developed him into the player Philly paid for... Remember they traded him for Dr. Mark Recchi, a perennial top 20 scorer with multiple 50 goal seasons... Also didn't hurt putting him beside the most dominant player at the time (Lindros). The reason Hanson, Higgins, Bieksa and Sedin's don't get benched as often is because they have been bringing it every night (most nights) for the last 10 years. If they have an off night you know they will come back better the next game. Kassian can't bring it every night for a 5 game stretch and when he comes back vowing to the world never to get benched, he makes blind pass turnovers all night like its a baking contest... I think you see what you want to see in Kassian, which is a guy that can go into beast mode. Unfortunately, we have not seen beast mode in 182 games with 3 different coaches and a variety of skilled and gritty line mates. I would trade back to Buffalo for Hodgson's 2 goals in a heartbeat and I would throw in a pick...
  7. irregardless - a word used by uneducated people intending to sound intelligent. Often the defendant will use this word in court in an attempt to impress the judge and jury (CDC). Educated people notice and those who use this word instantly identify themselves to educated people as being uneducated. Educated people rarely correct them because it helps educated people more easily identify them if they are well groomed (or if they are an anonymous CDC Troll). With that said, I have never heard WillieD try to tell people irregardless is a word. Therefore, regardless of whether irregardless is actually a word or not, I will believe Willie's definition of consistency about the players he coaches on a daily basis over your desire to see Zeke become the player he thinks he already is.
  8. I think Sbisa is having a good year, overall. He has all kinds of talent being as big and strong as he is, good skater and good shot. He is just trying to limit the bone head plays like shooting it off the glass and out when there is winger there to take a pass. Due to the fact he is only 26, give him time and hopefully in a couple years he will be what people envisioned for him when he was drafted in the first round. He sometimes tries to do too much, and that will go away with experience. That combined with the fact we are a bit slim on defense depth means he gets plenty of icetime, which will help him turn into a monster on D.
  9. To be fair Kassian may have been our best player after January last year. With that said I hope I never see another 3 months of such terrible hockey in my life. I want Kassian to do well, but he has been on all 4 lines under 3 different coaches and played more than 180 games in this league... It is passed the "give him a chance" argument. It is all about doing something with it. When he gets another chance he need to stop trying to make blind behind the back passes (he is not a Sedin) and he needs to start playing a simpler game that suits his strength, which is his strength. Put the puck in the corner and then go smash anyone that gets in the way. He has decent hands but he thinks he is Mario Lemieux. A simpler game will get him the consistency he needs, but he needs to realize he is not a playmaker, he is a crease crasher. Burrows provides a better net presence at half the size and weight...
  10. Slegr was a solid underrated defenseman for sure. Murzyn was never a Norris candidate, had little to no offensive upside and was not a great but was always willing to fight. He was not a deterrent IMO. In fact many of the old scrappers called him a punching bag because he got into so many fights and almost always took more punches thnan he threw. But he was rock solid positionally to make up for slow feet, and was a big body to go around, he hit hard and had a lot of weight behind him and was a mean SOB in front of our net. Despite not putting up points, I think he was a huge part of the 94 run. I agree with one of the earlier posters that if not for the punishment he dished out in round 1, the Flames probably would have beat us. The nice thing about that team is they all contributed what they had, and Murzyn added a lot of toughness to the team.
  11. Interesting... You like to omit some giveaways because everyone does it on occasion, but then give him credit for 3-4 breakout passes that were nice... You don't think the average NHL winger makes more than 3-4 breakout passes a game? Anyway, I hope Kass morph's into the big skilled power forward that we wish he was, but if he doesn't the press box is as good as anywhere for him to be.,..
  12. Why is the Coaches fault that Kassian cant put it all together. Seems to me AV tried him with the Sedins a few times and gave him opportunity to grow, but he didn't. Torts played him a lot last year, but again no significant improvement. Willie has played him as much as anyone and he still can't put it together. I like Kassian but if he can't earn his icetime, he should be in the press box. He will get another shot, and if he again doesn't do anything, he will probably sit again. Honestly, other than a few games he is a non-factor night after night. Why is that the coaches fault? 3 very qualified coaches were not (are not) able to get through to him. I hope he goes on a tear and becomes the force that Gilles thought he would be, but I have been saying that for 4 years now... He can sit as well as anyone... He ain't that good...
  13. Hodgson would have a lot more than 2 pts if he was on the Canucks... Hodgson is a much better player than Kassian, but Kassian can fight ... If we need bottom 6, take Kass for cheap, if we need top 6, Hodgson would obviously be a much better fit. Would you rather have Crosby or Hartnell?
  14. That's what they said about Iggy in Calgary for years before hitting the rebuild button.... "just get him a center and were good..." uhhh, no, no your not Flames fan.... and now we can say that about ourselves... If Kes wants out and we get a good return do it... if he wants to stay for the long haul, keep him, he is a great player and can carry his line on his shoulders.