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  1. Should the Canucks expose Sutter for the expansion draft?

    I think we need Sutter to help form our identity going forward. So no chance I would expose him... Sutter does all the little things and is a good foundation piece to have depth at center. He is not a true #1C but he can play against and shut them down. He is a Kesler lite IMO, but without the cheap shots. Not overpaid IMO, he would be a huge value to a team in the playoffs. I just know he is a playoff style player. He is a Sutter after all...
  2. Extra 5%

    Bure was awesome, my favorite player all time and he was the most talented player to ever play for the Canucks. Bure was not however, a Captain, nor was he Captain material either. He was a talented scorer. He left Vancity under unfortunate circumstances, which I don't blame him, but none the less he bolted and left us high and dry. Hank has played his entire career here, has always been classy, has outscored any other player we ever had and led an era of 10 great seasons. Pavel was involved in 1 playoff run, that's about it... Hank has done way more for the Canucks, in addition to the stats he put up than my favorite player Pavel ever did. Now, if it was 1 on 1, I would take Pavel for sure, but I think Hanks 10 years was more valuable to my enjoyment of the Canucks than the 6-7 Bure seasons, where he was great but nobody else around him was.
  3. John Shorthouse Appreciation Thread

    I agree, I thought Loui did pretty good for an Oiler guy. He was pretty balanced. I don't mind the homerism, but I prefer the balance on a national broadcast over the regional homerism most of the time. With John and John I feel like they are being homers most of the time, as they should, but they are also trying to be balanced at times for the out of market viewers. They certainly tone down the homer stuff when viewers from another game suddenly join.
  4. The Gillis formula: 6 x 20

    The Canucks defense was decimated by injuries and suspensions in 2011. Hamhuis was out, Rome (who was proving invaluable) was out, we had Ballard and Alberts playing major minutes. Kesler was near invisible in the finals because he had torn ligaments but tried to play through it (put too much in carrying the team past Nashville), Raymond was crippled by Boychuk early in the series, Burrows was allowed to be legally raped at any time due to the Auger rule. I recall Max Lapierre being our best player in the finals, which doesn't bode well. All in all I think we had the team to do it, but ran into injuries and we took the 'us against the world' attitude a little too far and made the world hate us. Boston played the only way they could to beat us and it worked, that's all it was in my mind. And I don't blame Luongo at all, even though he had his meltdowns, he also was 1 shutout away from setting a record and winning the cup.
  5. Larsen experiment has failed: Bring back the Bulldog

    Larsen has some skill and truly is border line really good. He just isn't quite as fast or good as Erik Karlsson but he plays the same small fast D man style (weak in D zone, good at transition). Since he can't quite put up huge numbers, his defensive weakness is glaring. I am sure the Canucks brass see this same as everyone else, but the only way to get anything back for him is to play him and hope he has a few good games before the deadline and a team that needs some puck moving depth shows interest. keeping him in the press box means that we get nothing for him and he takes up roster spot and cap space. I am certain he will not be back next year, if he is even playing by the end of the year.
  6. The Biggest Mistake

    I think the Sedin's have been playing better of late. I have seen them winning battles on the wall gain (seemed like forever since they could control the wall), they are going to and passing to open space instead of just blinding throwing it to the other side expecting bro to be there, and they are actually generating chances especially since Megna was taken off their line. I think they are going to break out soon, maybe not like they once would but it would surprise me to see them have a 2-3 point night (ea.) and go on a 4-6 game point streak. I think their play overall this year has been uninspiring too many nights, but i can still see a bit of mojo left in them with the young guys stepping up to carry some of the load. I hope they can put together a little run and re-establish themselves. Danny needs to get 1000 this year.
  7. John Shorthouse Appreciation Thread

    Shorty's great, a true pro. Hope he is with us for many years and TO don't steal him. I wasn't a fan of Garrett at first, but I like his quirky charms. sometimes gets a little carried away but Shorty is a great balance to keep things on track, as many have said. I think they are great and don't really care if Oiler of Flames fans don't like them. Go cheez whiz and jam sandwiches!!
  8. The Resurgence of Alexandre Burrows

    Yes absolutely... Maybe we have a low bar, but he has been a very honourable Canuck in his time. Oh and he's an underdog story coming out of the ECHL, and Canuck fans love the underdog.
  9. Kassian for Hodgson now ?

    Hodgson would have a lot more than 2 pts if he was on the Canucks... Hodgson is a much better player than Kassian, but Kassian can fight ... If we need bottom 6, take Kass for cheap, if we need top 6, Hodgson would obviously be a much better fit. Would you rather have Crosby or Hartnell?
  10. [Speculation] Kesler to remain a Canuck

    That's what they said about Iggy in Calgary for years before hitting the rebuild button.... "just get him a center and were good..." uhhh, no, no your not Flames fan.... and now we can say that about ourselves... If Kes wants out and we get a good return do it... if he wants to stay for the long haul, keep him, he is a great player and can carry his line on his shoulders.
  11. Draft Virtanen!

    I live in Calgary, albeit don't watch the Hitmen much... But the guys here that do watch them all rave about him. They say his numbers do not show what a special player he is. I would be quite happy to get this guy. I agree with everyone who says he has a lot of the things you can't teach, which are coincidentally things are team will need moving forward with our rebuild. (yep, I used the R word.)
  12. Canucks look alikes

    U suck Thunder Nuts. Dana Murzyn was a rock solid D-Man. You probably wouldnt know because you are on your way back to grade 8 for the third time though.