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  1. wish everyone could have that. @c00kies, i hear you. take comfort in that you're still young. i, too, am at that 'i'm not ready' stage but am middle aged. I have experienced this stage many times and for different reasons - recovery from an ended relationship, not wanting to burden another with my own issues, the inability to be vulnerable and now the lack of capacity/drive to replace an impossible connection. i've stopped beating myself up, or at least, i recognize when i do it now and am ok to let it go.
  2. 3AM? And s/he's not on eastern time? stressful.. hopefully you're not awake to get them in realtime! but yes, i can see management in my org definitely working harder too. aside: people have now mentioned seeing unexplained deactivated accounts and unsolicited HR meetings. dun dun DUN
  3. certainly am seeing more of that at my workplace too. people are putting more hours in. i'm seeing more early/late night emails and chat messages. guess having the ceo mention that there are going to be workforce cuts starting this week contributes to that.
  4. Having money is good.. guess a job helps. At this point, I'm still thankfully employed and working from home but am thinking that that may change in the future. I don't think I've got a plan for when that happens. How are you guys faring?
  5. I could live temporarily in New York City, Paris, Montreal and Seattle but home will always be Vancouver.
  6. Thankful for: the health for family and friends, money, the ability to work from home, friends Looking forward to: nothing. I don't look that far ahead Taken for granted: nothing. For the past 20 years, I've been very cognizant of what's important in life that I don't prioritize money, status, title, looks or material things. I've put my time, effort and energy into keeping connections, making memories, and acting to avoid regrets. Used to value but don't as much in the scheme of things: nothing. I've always been grateful for hot water, electricity, internet, a place to call home, a job, lots of friends and family and enough money to have the ability to decide my own fate. I have valued people's integrity, values and actions over superficial looks and talk. I will continue to do so. Life / perspective change: I had been thinking about changing myself in order to finally attract a partner.. change up my looks/style, learn how to flirt and date.. But now I think dating is out of the question. I'll try and say goodbye to all that. I really do need to redo my Will though..
  7. Looking for cheap wing night places in Van

    1. Quantum


      Allstar Wing & Ribs on Bute and Robson... surprisingly cheap, pretty good, and they have a ton of wing options (like almost 50 different wing flavors/combos). Try them.

    2. SaintPatrick33


      Cheap and Vancouver are like an oxymoron; they do not go together. GL in your search!

    3. Mainly Mattias

      Mainly Mattias

      I"ll check it out, Quantum.  Thanks!

      And SP33 - true.. true..

  8. Stumbled on some old SportsCentres with Jay and Dan O'Toole. 

  9. I'm so lost in my courses..  Blind guessing at this point. *runs around like a headless chicken*

    1. SaintPatrick33


      You need to take advantage of the Prof's office hours and discuss not be shy

    2. Mainly Mattias

      Mainly Mattias

      Actually, I'm taking MOOCs (massive open online courses) so no office hours.  There's a discussion forum but I can't even get the interface installed yet. lol.  Augh

    3. SaintPatrick33


      ohh man that sucks lol

  10. At some point when you're young, life becomes hard and it never turns easy again..

  11. Watching reruns of the Daily Show. Miss Jon Stewart already

  12. Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya.

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      :D Watching your youtube video as we type lol

    2. Mainly Mattias

      Mainly Mattias

      lol. I miss Ohlund too.

    3. Ghostsof1915


      You killed my father. Prepare to die....

  13. Bleh, back to school again tomorrow.

    1. mau5trap


      dem feels :(

    2. drummer4now


      summer classes? Tell me about it...

    3. 22Sedinery33


      Back on that grind, get er done.