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  1. Maybe these 30+ levelers started playing with the apk before the official launch. There's a couple of gyms near me who've just been sitting still for weeks since no one can move their pokemon. Saw my first hitmonlee today and it disappeared in a cloud of smoke.
  2. lucky bugger. I won't ask where you live. and exeggutor and near arcanine too??!! sigh. caught my first pikachu and making it say 'pikachu' is keeping me entertained. all that work..
  3. I've had nothing to do so i've had all the patience in the world. Been hanging on to candies until pokemon with 80+/90+ ivs have come along. Too bad they end up with bad movesets after the evolution. Anyone know where in van to find pikachus?
  4. Still no gyarados either.. 161 candies.
  5. Better than my 1st interview. My glasses were fogged up for the entire time. I don't know how the lady kept a straight face. Although, I don't think I would have seen her smirking anyway. Learned my lesson after that. Lucky! I want wit and confidence even when I'm up the creek without a paddle. Thanks for the advice - actually did do a couple of mock interviews: one with a friend and one with a professional job helper who recorded me. Yeah.. wasn't a textbook way to interview, that's for sure.
  6. Thanks AJ. Actually, a fellow job seeker recently shared his answer, which seemed like a great idea - asking them what the salary range is budgeted for the position. Good advice, Shift. Dealing with recruiters is good for interviewing practice, yes. Also for temp work and getting work that you've already had experience in. Not so good for career changers. Re my last 2 questions - The 2nd (what's our mandate?) was from an 8 minute HR phone interview for a job that likely would have had hundreds of applicants. The 3rd (What does NIST do?) was from another phone interview for a more technical position where there was a lot of knowledge/use of jargon.
  7. I think Knowledge is missing from the list. Mind you, I still wouldn't pick it. I'd second smithers joe: family and health for family. also not on the list. haha
  8. Is anyone actually good at interviewing? What's your secret?? I always seem to get surprised and then start to flounder. Kudos to those who can be smart, funny and articulate under stress. I've had practice with many interviews of various types: group, telephone, panel, testing, performance, skype, gov, industry. Still manage to crash when I encounter something unexpected. (Recent) Questions leading to critical failure: What are your salary expectations? What is our mandate? What does NIST do?
  9. I'll reserve judgment. There are PR machines on both sides and the use of vocabulary is very precise and intentional.
  10. It was so casually inserted too. haha
  11. That's good! Well that's another metric to add - not losing bills. Hadn't thought of that one. Although I wouldn't really have worried about cheques.. As more and more people move their financial dealings onto the digital world, more and more theft is moving from the physical into the electronic world. ..but that's all for another thread.
  12. I asked a friend who recently moved into a new apartment this and he said, "Na, I haven't met anyone." Didn't seem like he was all that interested in meeting them either. OK, so maybe everyone's new and just settling in.. but maybe that's the norm for city life.. or for condos/apts? Too transient? Not enough time spent outside where you could chat over lawn care or the weather? I know a lot of my neighbours and we all look out for each other. We even take turns mowing each other's lawns /shoveling walks. I recently went to a birthday party in Kits and the birthday celebrant had invited all of her neighbours that she'd known for 10-25 years. So how well do you know your neighbours and is that a good thing or bad?
  14. haha, good story. guess she got into it in her 60s then. tried out some of EN's stuff. don't think i'm patient enough for it. =P some of you guys are REALLY REALLY into festivals/concerts. i'm having a good time looking up some of the shows that you guys are listing. a real world wide collection.
  15. i heard u2 gives a good show. as expected, I don't know most of those on your list, GJ. cohen and tool, but that's it.