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  1. confessions

    i only expect to live to 40
  2. Romantic Love - fate or choice?

    Are you guys hopeless romantics that believe in destiny partners and soul mates? Or do you believe love is a choice people make and continue to make throughout their relationship? I am a romantic but believe love ends up being a choice continuously made. I have no faith in the longevity of relationships, marriage or no marriage.
  3. Things that annoy you.

    i'd agree but maybe if you build it, they will come..
  4. confessions

    that's good news! yeah i remember you weren't too happy in that company. but anyway, still good news nonetheless. focus on that and ignore the self-doubt and critical inner voice that pops up. hopefully it won't. was just talking to a friend and we have to break off when we recognize the thoughts that lead to spiraling..
  5. Now and then: CDC

    Good times. Think people are just more reserved now. I miss the silliness! we need more of that. too much adulting is bad for everyone's health. lol i think i was a lurker from 2003 then joined in 2006. lots of different personalities changed even during that time.. oh and godzilla deuce was a fun poster too. miss octane. he's the only one i've met from cdc. You were never a dick, SC oh man, was that seriously 5 years ago??!!!
  6. Things that annoy you.

    Yep, you're right. Someone very cool did.
  7. Things that annoy you.

    never thought that it happened but yep, it happens. poor kids. aside: *waves* Hi BM! Good to see you!
  8. Things that annoy you.

    when people have children with the thinking that a child will save the relationship. it just screws up the child(ren). stop being selfish and short sighted. fix the problem. don't make it worse.
  9. confessions

    hey.. been 2 weeks but hang in there. hard dealing with confidence drops. starts out high but as time continues and the unemployment drags on, it gets seriously tough. what helped me was talking to others who were also going through the same thing.. we supported each other as our egos made serious drops at different times. remember some things aren't in your control. hiring decisions are dependent on lots of things outside of what you have control over - economy, hiring manager, budget, internal politics, industry trends.. one career facilitator once gave us some advice to help avoid that shame that we all felt: don't have your goal as "get a job"; instead, have your goal as something that you have control over: send out 2 applications per week, conduct 5 informational interviews per month, etc.
  10. confessions

    Heeyyyy, SC! You've graduated from your Masters? Congrats! Not envying you guys right now. Looking for work is not an easy job. People start blaming the person the longer the unemployment lasts too and it's hard not to be affected. Being around other unemployed people helps... and also being around optimistic people who can remind you that you aren't defined by the unemployment, that this is just a phase in life that will pass, and who will encourage you to keep going and to do those hard things like networking and information interviews.. Yeah, that helps too.
  11. confessions

    i sort of did this but i did tell people where I was going and I didn't have a job to go to or place to stay at. i gave 6 months notice, applied for a visa and then bought a 1 way flight. it's a good way to start fresh temporarily and be able to prove to yourself that you have a wee bit of control over your future. found that you can't run from all of the problems but it was a nice reprieve.
  12. how will you remember 2017?

    Do you know that I would have to google to find out what all of the bases are? I was really happy last year because I had been given an opportunity to do a job I'd only dreamed of and had long ago given up on. I have been chasing the ideal job (satisfying and fulfilling work) for decades.
  13. How Do You Deal with Strong Personalities?

    I like this a lot, PB. Although I'm on the fence with the reputation bit. People already act too much based on ego and protecting of ego, without them even knowing it. Thanks, everyone! Some pretty good discussion and some reminders for me to actively listen, consider other opinions/background/expertise which wouldn't be in my purview, and re-look into personality types and strategies on how to communicate best with each of them.
  14. So I find myself wondering lately if I should start caring about how I deal with strong opinioned people.. I really haven't been so far (I'm not great with authority) and I've just been happily dodging problem people as I see em. Now I wonder if I should come up with a strategy as I likely will have to deal with them eventually. Personally, I don't think that management with ego is ever a good thing for the organization. If I get on the bad side of people, I will have to start looking out and watching my back and all that. Ugh. So CDC, how do you deal with people with strong personalities? (doesn't have to be management really. anyone could be a bleep)
  15. how will you remember 2017?

    had the second time i'd been incredibly happy in my life