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  1. confessions

    i sort of did this but i did tell people where I was going and I didn't have a job to go to or place to stay at. i gave 6 months notice, applied for a visa and then bought a 1 way flight. it's a good way to start fresh temporarily and be able to prove to yourself that you have a wee bit of control over your future. found that you can't run from all of the problems but it was a nice reprieve.
  2. how will you remember 2017?

    Do you know that I would have to google to find out what all of the bases are? I was really happy last year because I had been given an opportunity to do a job I'd only dreamed of and had long ago given up on. I have been chasing the ideal job (satisfying and fulfilling work) for decades.
  3. How Do You Deal with Strong Personalities?

    I like this a lot, PB. Although I'm on the fence with the reputation bit. People already act too much based on ego and protecting of ego, without them even knowing it. Thanks, everyone! Some pretty good discussion and some reminders for me to actively listen, consider other opinions/background/expertise which wouldn't be in my purview, and re-look into personality types and strategies on how to communicate best with each of them.
  4. So I find myself wondering lately if I should start caring about how I deal with strong opinioned people.. I really haven't been so far (I'm not great with authority) and I've just been happily dodging problem people as I see em. Now I wonder if I should come up with a strategy as I likely will have to deal with them eventually. Personally, I don't think that management with ego is ever a good thing for the organization. If I get on the bad side of people, I will have to start looking out and watching my back and all that. Ugh. So CDC, how do you deal with people with strong personalities? (doesn't have to be management really. anyone could be a bleep)
  5. how will you remember 2017?

    had the second time i'd been incredibly happy in my life
  6. So far there are 3 options: get new hardware, patch and suffer potentially degraded performance or don't patch and be vulnerable. Think i read that there were class actions planned against Intel because those are crappy choices
  7. Do you feel your age?

    Are you 23 now, BM? Boy how time flies. You are still one of my favourite people on here. You post older too, jazz. (that was meant as a compliment) It's hard to fight that feeling. That kind of thinking stressed me into panic attacks in the bathroom in the wee hours of the morning. Felt that until I was 31 so good luck to you. I think it was helpful coming to the realization that the only one putting on the pressure was me with the self-imposed timeline and expectations. Also helped that I started planning for something big and felt more in control of my life because of it.

    Michael Jackson Neil Diamond Roch Voisine Metallica Il Divo Chicago Would have liked to see Freddie Mercury and Queen..
  9. Do you feel your age?

    Do you feel all of your years on this earth or do you feel younger / older? I'm encountering people who understand me more and vice versa so I think I'm finally at the age which fits my mind. I was old during my youth. People have gone through more experiences now making them more humble, contemplative and open to seeing other points of view.
  10. Whats the best advice you ever received in your life?

    more of an insight rather than advice..' Women marry men thinking they'll change but they don't; men marry women thinking they'll never change but they do.
  11. Free Advice From BananaMash Thread

    lol. i see BM hasn't even posted in this thread for 3 years.
  12. What are you working towards?

    What is your short/medium term goal right now? .. a degree in psychology? .. your own startup coffeeshop? .. not having a cigarette for the next month? .. losing 10 pounds? I want to pass a 6 hour exam by the end of the year. Also choose a medium/long term education path to take..
  13. going to be hard for those spending more than 40% of their income on housing.. buying is several hundred of thousands in a mortgage so probably a lot of people in the lower mainland would hurt.
  14. Is there any hope of a middle ground on pipelines in BC?

    just in case people didn't know.. there are a few refineries/pipelines just south of the border. like birch bay/ferndale. so we're not necessarily escaping any environmental risk.
  15. Forest Fires (Interior)

    that's terrifying.