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  1. more of an insight rather than advice..' Women marry men thinking they'll change but they don't; men marry women thinking they'll never change but they do.
  2. lol. i see BM hasn't even posted in this thread for 3 years.
  3. What is your short/medium term goal right now? .. a degree in psychology? .. your own startup coffeeshop? .. not having a cigarette for the next month? .. losing 10 pounds? I want to pass a 6 hour exam by the end of the year. Also choose a medium/long term education path to take..
  4. going to be hard for those spending more than 40% of their income on housing.. buying is several hundred of thousands in a mortgage so probably a lot of people in the lower mainland would hurt.
  5. just in case people didn't know.. there are a few refineries/pipelines just south of the border. like birch bay/ferndale. so we're not necessarily escaping any environmental risk.
  6. that's terrifying.
  7. Love this country. We are so lucky here.
  8. 2017 Update: I think after 20+ years of career searching, I have finally found a satisfying career to last me. Had to embrace the potential for failure, research, suffer through unemployment, start fresh several times, face my faults and take pay cuts but it was worth it. No high title or huge salary but you know what? I am ecstatic. Darn lucky too. It's difficult changing careers because the more experience you get in one, the more you become pigeon-holed. You just need someone to give you a chance, you know? Good luck to all of you still finding your ways.
  9. Awesome! Congratulations! Seattle's expensive.. Fremont's nice as a tourist. Don't know about the local lay of the land though - crime, etc. Good luck, regardless
  10. Thanks, db. Really glad that you're on the forum and that you have had the courage to share your thoughts and experiences. Certainly provides me comfort when I have to go through addictions, depression, suicide, death, unemployment and miscarriage in the people around me. Also makes me feel less alone. The gut instinct is to deal with things on our own til we're whole again. I keep thinking about those Brene Brown TED talks just to remind myself that empathy destroys shame and to embrace being vulnerable. I think.. I hope.. that lots of people on the forum haven't had to deal with many of the things that you've had to.
  11. yes. i agree. well, good luck with the relationship, however it pans out.
  12. haven't seen any new ones for awhile now. still pidgeys, rattatas and swinubs. still no tangela..
  13. Nah, it's good, SC. You look 25 now. I went to a local pub/restaurant recently and there was a server who looked 14. Was noticed by all at our table. Poor guy. Guess you know how he feels.
  14. EQ reflects a person's ability to empathize with others: identify, evaluate, control and express emotions ones own emotions; perceive, and assess others' emotions; use emotions to facilitate thinking, understand emotional meanings. So a work colleague was signed up for EQ training for the afternoon today. 4 hour training.. I wonder how much the company had to pay for that. Anyway, found a quick easy one where you don't have to pay or enter your email address. Did it and came out with ASDI 125 Your Emotional Type ASDI · SELF-AWARE · SOCIAL · ADAPTABLE · INDEPENDENT ASDI-description ASDI easily deal with their emotions and personality. They might not always give themselves enough credit and underestimate themselves but can quickly find their confidence back. They trust their own judgments and do not let others influence themselves. ASDI perceive others feeling and behavior quite accurately and easily find their place in social groups. They have a good social skills which make them likable friends and colleagues. ASDI can struggle at dealing with rushes of emotion but most of the time they keep the control over their impulses. They generally perceive events in a smart way and adapt themselves quite easily to new situations. They can take initiative but will rarely try to reach higher goals than the ones initially set up. ASDI are the best at working autonomously. They usually do not have outstanding leadership skills. They rarely step up to others and prefer to focus on their inner energie rather than interacting with other. They are generally straight forward and express themself in a direct manner. Because this sincerity can sometimes hurt people, ASDI should learn how to act with a bit more diplomacy
  15. by the way, thanks to everyone who shared. makes it feel more like a community here when i hear people's stories. less like usernames and more like actual human beings.. after a certain age, I went after all of my crushes with varying levels of success.