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  1. i got up this morning.. it was pouring rain. i came downstairs after getting ready for class.. it was freaking snowing!! there's probably a good 6 or 7 inches here in abby, judging by what's collected on the patio table i can see from where i'm sitting i'm so tired of this weather! i want summer
  2. abbotsford is pretty much a nightmare right now. i don't think any of the roads have been plowed at all. it is pretty much a white out right now in some places. i just talked to my best friend who lives in chilliwack but works and abby and she has to stay at her parents in abby for the night because a lot of portions of the highway between here and chilliwack are closed completely. i want it to stop.
  3. not really any snow here in abbotsford today.. buttt i woke up to no power this morning (apparently it went out at like 9 this morning) and it was out for most the day.
  4. wtf is with this weather? seriously, it's supposed to be sunny now.. i don't care if it's hot.. just give me sun! snowing pretty good here in abby now.. don't know if it's really sticking much though..
  5. interesting. haha. i heard it on the radio that abbotsford east can expect another 10-15cm tonight i guess we'll see when we wake up tomorrow morning?
  6. another 15cm expected for my house tonight... no classes tomorrow too?
  7. ucfv closed .... back to sleep
  8. so i just woke up to a sh*tload of snow here in abby.... and it's still snowing pretty good where i am. UCFV is still open today...good thing i don't have classes - i'm kinda snowed in at my house :|
  9. just started snowing here in abby like maybe 10-15mins ago. bring on the stupid drivers.....