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  1. You're ALIVE!!!


  2. The Burrdins .. phoentically the burr-deens.
  3. Mozart! He is absolutely gorgeous....
  4. Awesome, thanks. I rarely (well never) go in there because the creative bone fused to the thigh bone in my body.
  5. Where did that photography thread go? That was a fantastic thread that showed incredible talent from our resident CDC'ers like Bucky and Nucks. You guys have taken great shots, definitely worth having printed on canvas and put up on your walls.
  6. YES! :D I got that, I can get shots like that too...woot! :D
  7. Wow PERFECT timing!!
  8. what kit do you have?
  9. :o That's AMAZING!
  10. Bring an umbrella
  12. MELON!! Haha. I am too old now for a renewal of WN. Fun for a night though.
  13. melon head? erm...melon helmet? 'tis you?
  14. I got in trouble Not allowed ask those questions anymore.
  15. head helmet...same diff.